All About Vidmate Video Downloader for PC

Vidmate is one app that let’s you download as well as stream videos shared on the Internet for free. It lists the links to the video quarried and these links are displayed to the user to choose their download from. The vidmate app is available for mobile phones as well as for pc.


Vidmate is easily downloaded, installed and, most importantly, easy to use. It provides a larger variety of resolution and quality options than most other downloaders. It also allows the download of other apk files like games.

Why Vidmate?

Vidmate video downloader can support large size files over even several GB and even has a live streaming zone to help you keep up with podcasts and subscribed channels over all the different video website networks available online.

It’s got a very user friendly interface and high download speed. It can support the download of multiple formats at one time. One can even pause, delete, restart or cut videos as they are being downloaded. There’s a large variety of video formats that the app can support. Despite being a new app it’s gaining a lot of popularity due to the easy interface, high download speed and the fact that any movie uploaded or shared on any video hosting site can be downloaded with it.

Vidmate is a must-have app to have for any video freak. It’s not only streamlined, it’s search can also be customized to include you’re favorite sites or trusted sites along with the list of sites programmed already, in which the app will launch a search

The videos downloaded through this are saved automatically for offline viewing. And an interesting feature is that it can detect the space you have on the pc and accordingly list the links so you don’t even have to worry about the space constraint.

Pros and Cons

Pro – One of the best video downloading applications all over the internet

Con – Only Available on Android

Pro – Has amazing search bandwidth

Con – Doesn’t work well with slow connections

Pro – Versatile options available when downloading videos

Con – Sometimes misplaces files if you restart your device after pausing

Pro – Consumes minimum storage space on Hard Drive

Con – Needs an emulated environment to run on PC or Mac

Pro – Rarely Lags and is intuitively designed to be responsive to users’ needs

The Need for Vidmate

Vidmate is one of the essential apps for downloading videos from across the world, you can download any kind of videos from video hosting websites and enjoy them at times when you need to the most. Being almost exclusively for the Android Market (available on PC through Android Emulators) this means you can handle your video downloads on the fly, with everything on your device working while you continue your daily routine and work schedule.

The Scheduler on Vidmate is also a useful feature, allowing you to schedule when downloads happen and when they switch themselves off, this includes a wi-fi only button as well to make sure you save precious mobile data.

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    Vidmate is cool, i use tubemate but will try out vidmate

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