Why you Should Choose WordPress for your E-commerce Website

WordPress as a Launching Point for E-Commerce

WordPress is a tried and tested content management system that gives developers and designers the ability to create dynamic and attractive looking websites and blogs. The platform is surprisingly simple to implement, use and update. One of the most popular applications for WordPress themes is in the realm of e-commerce. Literally tens of thousands of successful e-commerce websites are deployed around the world with the WordPress platform at their core. WordPress as a launching point for e-commerce functionality has earned a reputation in the industry because of its sheer versatility and stunningly attractive easy-to-use interface.

Here are five excellent reasons why WordPress is the ideal interface for e-commerce.

1. Elegant Looks

WordPress themes that are designed to function effortlessly in e-commerce effectively combine form with function. They are carefully designed with attractiveness and style in mind. Most of these cutting-edge themes offer more than one layout as well as a full range of colors and backgrounds. One of the hallmarks of WordPress themes and templates is that they offer amazingly beautiful style and good looks. No other content management system on the market is more eye catching than WordPress.


2. Simplicity

The WordPress platform is known for its simplicity and ease of setup, along with its highly intuitive back-end functionality. Powerful admin panels and simple shortcodes round out this easy to implement and easy to navigate CMS or content management system. Some hosting companies even offer one-click uploading of WordPress themes.


3. Responsive Design


4. Extras

WordPress continues to impress with a wide array of powerful extras. For example, there are dozens of useful plug-ins and extensions that are all designed to make a particular theme or template even more functional and attractive. Other extras include the ability to add custom shopping carts for added e-commerce functionality.


5. Huge Selection of Themes

One very big benefit of choosing WordPress for your e-commerce website is that you will have a huge and far reaching selection of themes and templates. This gives designers and developers virtually unlimited latitude in designing an attractive and intuitive website to meet a customers exact specifications. Having such a wide selection in themes means you can create the exact look you desire.

There is little doubt that WordPress is a force to be reckoned with in the world of e-commerce. It offers one of the most versatile and useful formats for designers and developers to create modern looking highly visual websites and blogs. WordPress is not a new kid on the block, and as such has learned and improved the system over the years. Tens of thousands of successful websites and e-commerce sites have shown that WordPress works and works exceptionally well as a content management system. The reasons outlined here, in addition to many others that you will discover, give good cause to choose WordPress hands down as your preferred e-commerce solution.

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Hugh Yearsley is a WordPress theme developer. He works closely with small businesses looking to make the right choices with regard to their websites. WhoIsHostingThis.com has webhost reviews, visit the website when deciding on a webhost for your site.

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  1. Daniela Lucas

    Apr 10. 2017

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  2. Michael Ferdinand

    Apr 11. 2017

    Built.io Contentstack and Contentful are some of the best ones in Headless CMS, which basically allows you to maintain a centralized repository for content whereas you have the liberty to select a flexible and better-performing service where your content can go. Headless CMS maintains your content in a separate and distinct manner that you can access using APIs.

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