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3 Effective Ways to Disable Last Seen Time on WhatsApp

The feature of ‘Last Seen’, on WhatsApp displays the last available online activeness time of the user. However, not every time you will wish to let others know your last visit, and if you have checked messages of others or not. Android users cannot avail a direct option to disable the last seen time on WhatsApp. However, iPhone users, have such inbuilt option. Read further to know how to do so.
Here are 3 best ways to disable last seen time on WhatsApp. I’ve compiled this list after going through this post on

  • Using Apps
  • Manual Method
  • For iPhone Users

Let’s take a quick journey. The solution is here!

Disable/Hide Last Seen Time Using App on WhatsApp:

The ‘Not Last Seen’ App is perfect for users of Android device. This app curtails Whatsapp from highlighting user’s last active status. The function of this app is to deactivate user’s data connection from mobile when he or she opensWhatsapp messenger. The app server is automatically blocked from showing the last seen user active time.

  1. You can download and install the app, ‘Not Last Seen’ by clicking here
  2. Open the app, and enable the option ‘Block Last Seen’.
  3. Now, get into WhatsApp messenger. You will see that your device data connection goes off immediately.
  4. Read unread messages, and you may even send messages that you get on the device.
  5. Bingo! You have read and sent messages successfully by disabling your last active status.

Note: When you exit Whatsapp, the device internet connection will start automatically, and the typed texts/replies will be delivered.

If you are not comfortable using apps, then the next solution is, simply use manual method.

Disable/Hide Last Seen Time Using Manual Method on WhatsApp:

Here is a no download, looking out on search engines way to hide the last visible status by simple manual method.

  1. Turn off or disable your enabled WiFi or mobile internet connection.
  2. Open the WhatsApp Messenger, read, type messages from your device.
  3. Exit the app, and enable device data connection or WiFi.
  4. When the internet is activated on device, all messages will synchronize at the WhatsApp server, and the messages you previously wrote will be sent.
  5. You have just successfully hidden your last active status time.

Disabling/Hiding Last Seen Time for iPhone users of WhatsApp:

It is east to hide your last visible time on WhatsApp, if you are an iPhone user. No need to download any apps, or disable internet connection. Just follow the simple steps here.

  1. Go to ‘Settings’, after you open the Whatsapp messenger.
  2. Click on ‘Chat Settings’, and select ‘Advanced’.
  3. Select ‘Off’, visible at last seen time stamp. The disable function of last seen time status activates.
  4. However, it takes about 24 hours for the change to come in effect.
  5. There you go, last visible status hidden with just few clicks.

Go ahead, try the first two methods if you are on Android device, and iPhone users can just refer the last method to hide last seen time on WhatsApp.

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