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4 Phone Apps Can Help You Party Smart in Vegas

Las Vegas is widely considered the entertainment capital of the world, a desert oasis of world-class casinos, hotels, clubs and attractions. It can be overwhelming to navigate the vast variety of offerings. Where to dance? Where to dine? Where to party? Because Las Vegas is teeming with five-star dance venues, special events and original shows, visitors can experience information overload. Finding the best events and the best deals takes a little planning and prowess. This is where apps come in:Entertainment apps can help you party smarter. Several innovative apps are changing the way you’ll decide what to do and where to stay when you’re in Las Vegas. Whether you want to Search for Las Vegas Hotels or find the most happening happy hour on the strip, these apps can come in handy and give you an edge on planning your partying. By offering quick access to pertinent information about club cover charges, trendy drinks and VIP access passes,these apps are a valuable asset for the discerning guests of Sin City. Here are several of the top apps for a more effortless exploration of Vegas offerings.



A Las Vegas-based app that has now expanded to worldwide, Clubdango provides relevant real-time updates on the latest local deals on drinks and club covers. The app also features streaming news about top local events, shows and entertainment listings. Clubdango was created with the intention of becoming the world’s largest directory of nightclubs, bars and lounges, and it is powered by an auto-updating system that integrates fresh local deals in real time.

Clubdango is also fully integrated with Facebook, harnessing the power of social media to share relevant events among friends. Users of the app can receive push-deal notifications from local venues to easily access immediate alerts about the night’s offerings.

Las Vegas Reality

The Las Vegas Reality app is in a class of apps known as “augmented reality.”As futuristic as that term sounds, it’s actually practical. It functions by allowing users to literally point their smartphone in a given direction while in Las Vegas and view hotels, casinos and clubs in that direction. Because it is an MGM app, Las Vegas Reality often advertises MGM properties. However, Las Vegas Reality offers a bounty of useful up-to-the-moment information about dinner deals and happy hours. Once you point your phone at a specific establishment, the free app allows you the option of booking reservations for a hotel stay, for dinner or for a show. An app like Las Vegas Reality can replace a heavy guidebook or cumbersome paper listings. Plus, you’ll feel powerful by pointing your phone and instantly forging your Vegas destiny.

Viva Las Vegas, Baby

This app was designed with the jet-setting traveler in mind. Viva Las Vegas, Baby helps Vegas visitors get under the skin of Sin City as they explore the famous Strip and beyond. The app can help you to explore the more offbeat, artsy side of Las Vegas as well, from vintage shotgun-wedding chapels to independent art galleries and live punk shows. Viva Las Vegas, Baby is designed around the idea of discovery, geared to go beyond the typical tourist fodder of casino hotels and resorts. Featuring critical reviews and money-saving tips, the app hopes to fill in the gaps of other apps that offer more straightforward directory-like content.

This is an app for tourists who want to avoid tourist-traps and experience streamlined transportation and trip planning. It is also an app for the budget-minded and is oriented to help you land the best deals on food and entertainment.Additional features include the ability for users to access offline content at any time and a GPS tracking feature that shows you what’s close by.

Las Vegas Lonely Planet

As one of the top publishers of travel guidebooks, Lonely Planet is known for its conversational tone and no-frills, practical information about the destinations it covers. Las Vegas Lonely Planet features the guidebook’s information, enhanced by interactive maps featuring hundreds of recommended and reviewed destinations. With the equivalent of the entire contents of a complete guidebook in the palm of your hand, you’ll be armed with quick access to honest reviews about the eateries, bars, hotels, casinos and shows that make Vegas so compelling.


About the Author: Courtney Vierra is a Las Vegas-based travel blogger. She delights in helping tourists connect with the best deals and helps design travel experiences as a freelance travel agent.

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