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5 Amazing Business Intelligence Tools for your iPad

Business intelligence (BI) was typically the domain of powerful computers and large servers. However, improvements in wireless technologies have forced BI tools to adapt and come down to the very essence of the concept – to help visualize data in the simplest and most useful manner.

The iPad in particular has been a catalyst for business intelligence tools finding their way into tablets and increasingly, smartphones. Most technologies are going mobile and so is BI. Here are 5 of the most amazing business intelligence tools for your iPad. These are ready to be deployed right away within your organization and show immediate benefits:

5 Amazing Business Intelligence Tools for your iPad


Roambi’s Analytics Visualizer is probably the most popular BI app on the iPad or any other mobile device. It has a very simple, yet not simplistic interface. It helps integrate data from various sources such as Salesforce, SAP, IBM Cognos, Microsoft Reporting and Analysis and even Excel or Google Docs.

What’s more, it is a cross platform device, which means it is available for the iPhone as well as Android tablets and smartphones. Some of the features that users like about Roambi are:

  • It makes management of content easy such as layered security, sharing and remote wiping
  • It integrates seamlessly with your current BI tools and provides an accurate visualization of data and analysis
  • It is very fast at giving you access to your analytics
  • It can display a range of interactive content including reports, marketing assets etc.


PushBI is yet another BI app for the iPad that focuses on ease of use. It displays information in a very simple way that gives you a clear picture and gives you a clear idea of the next action to take. It has a clean and vibrant interface and integrates well with data from myriad sources including SQL databases, oracle, Excel, RSS, SharePoint, XML and others.

PushBI is especially loved for its simple interface and the way it makes things easier to see. Some of the features that you might like about it are:

  • It provides full support for high level enterprise security
  • It has a multi layered user access control for sharing data
  • It works well with your existing system
  • It is particularly good at integrating new data sources with existing ones



While YellowfinBI is good at analyzing data, its prime attraction is that it puts heavy focus on the visual part of the data. This is what most businesses want. They have a lot of information, but they want to get a clear picture, so that they can plan a strategy. It is better than most business intelligence apps for the iPad at visualizing data.

Like all good BI apps for the iPad, it handles multiple data formats and does well to integrate all the data into a cohesive unit. It helps save a lot of time when you want to quickly get a bird’s eye view of the information. Some of the bit ticket features of YellowfinBI are as follows:

  • It is a cross platform app. It is available on Android and Windows devices as well. It supports the BYOD culture quite well.
  • It has top notch support across all the devices that it is built for and visualizes the data the same way on all of them.
  • It has its own security infrastructure, which can be used on top of your own.
  • It is as easy to use as any app and is flexible when it comes to formatting of data.


TIBCO has been well known for its business intelligence tools for a long time now. The Spotfire app is one of the best that it has ever made. It is also one of the most powerful and sophisticated tools out there. Yet it has an attractively simple user interface. Its most compelling features include:

  • Complex data analysis
  • Variety of presentation tools
  • Full multi touch support that leverages that power of the iPad
  • Ability to export reports and images in PDF format from within the app itself.
  • Very easy to use with vibrant visualizations (probably the most beautiful of all apps)


Among all business intelligence tools for the iPad, MicroStrategy is one of the most unique apps. Not only it has a great user interface, but it is very flexible internally. It helps you create your own apps for BI to suit your needs without the need for in depth expertise. It works well and integrates well with your current data warehouse.

Some additional features that make MicroStrategy more compelling are:

  • It allows you to modify the look and feel of your app according to the device you are using
  • It protects your data with robust security features
  • It handles multimedia very well and supports embedding of media within the app, so it can be used more easily by employees


This is a submitted article by Steve Hanigan who is a tech enthusiast and a software developer. He loves to keep himself updated to the latest technology trends. He is an expert in the Business Intelligence tools domain and works for a leading software development company.

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