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5 Best Car Games for Android Smartphones.

Gaming is one of the best ways to spend spare time, right? Gone are the days when long journeys were boring, as now, one can play games while on the move. The wreath for this goes to growing smartphones and tablets marketplace. A huge contribution in this rapid growth comes from Android. This mobile OS by Google is capable of running many third-party apps and games. You can find games and apps for your Android device from Google Play.


Talking about the games, I would like to ask you that what type of games do you like to play? Personally I am addicted to car games. Are you also like me? If yes is your call, then you are most probably to have many car games on your Android device. Oh! You don’t know about any good car game for Android? Nothing to worry about it, as this article will make you aware from the 5 best car games available for Android devices. Check out the list ahead.

Death Rally 

This game is combination of racing and shooting game. How? You are given deadly weapons in this game along with speedy car. While in the race, you can explode your opponents using the deadly weapons. The game comes with many amazing tracks and games to choose from. Though the use of weapons is optional, but there are some tracks in which their use becomes compulsion.

Real Racing 3

The best part about this highly popular game for Android, is its high-end graphics. You can choose any car from a huge no. of fully licensed cars. The cars are designed very well, and they look realistic. Not only for the cars, but you are given many options for choosing racing track as well. This game is recommended for all those out of who are addicted to car games.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

There are many Need for Speed games available for Android devices. This particular game of NFS series is one of the most downloaded car game for Android. The graphics, gameplay and sound effects are just amazing. The best fun in this game is in breaking laws. When you break them, the cops take their police cars behind you. This creates hell lot of fun.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Yet another game from Need for Speed series makes entry in this list about 5 best car games for Android. The game is all about breaking laws and getting tagged as ‘wanted criminal’. Your task to create noise and disturbance in the city by damaging properties and cars. Once you do so, the police chases you everywhere you go. Police wants to catch you so to throw you in the prison, but you prove them that you are impossible to catch.

GT Racing Motor Academy

In this game, you race for fame, money, and of course for better cars. You can play this game against computer, or can also challenge your friends online.

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Raj has been in the field of blogging for past few years. In his blog, he loves to cover everything new about tech and automobiles on his blog happyvehicles.


  1. Hi Pulkit,

    I like car games even before the rise of these amazing smartphones. I can still remember the F1 race in Sony Nintendo family computer. Right now, I am a fan of Need for Speed games in PC. I would like to try these games in my Samsung GS3. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Hey thanks for giving list of the car racing games. CAr racing is my favorite game . I NFS is my favorite game. But nowadays mobile car race become favorite of mine.

  3. Further more I would like to add raging thunder as a very good car game too. The version two is also awesome. The ones you have listed are the most awesome high-end graphic car games. Pretty cool!


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