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Top 5 Best Features of Apple iOS 6

Apple announced that it will be releasing iOS 6 somewhere during this fall. It will offer over 200 more features than the previous version. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can go for free upgrade when iOS 6 is released. However only iPad 6 and iPhone 4S will be receiving all the features offered by iOS 6.


This feature will inform you about the ratings for movie theaters, latest score, statistics results for players and teams etc. It will let you make reservations. It will bringto you movie reviews and will inform you about the new restaurants in your town. The option ‘launch flight tracker’ will inform you about latest flight schedules and gate of departure as well .Siri can post updates on social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook.

Top 5 Best Features Of Apple iOS 6

Phone Calling Feature

In case you are busy while someone is calling you, you may send a reply with a message or you may send a reminder for calling you once more. The advantage which has been added is that in case you are very busy you may turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’. This way you will not be disturbed while working.

Better Mail

The new iOS 6 will give you new streamlined interface which will make writing and reading mails easier foryou. Also, you can make a ‘VIP list’ in order to be sure that you get all the important mails sent to you by your boss or others whose messages you do not want to miss. Adding photos and videos to the emails is much simpler now.

New and Improved Safari

iCloud tabs will keep a record of the web pages which you have browsed on the device you use and so you may start from where you left when you use any other device. You may save pages in Reading List and also put up videos and images from your Camera Roll on internet sites without leaving safari. Full navigation is supported in landscape mode too. When you enter this mode, app navigation element will be eliminated and just the web page content will be left.


Passbook will let you scan your iPod Touch or iPhone to catch a movie, check into flight etc. It will also inform you about balance on coffee card or about your seats at some concert. You are going to love this feature.

The new iOS 6 is definitely a step ahead of its predecessors. It offers a number of amazing features which will be liked by iOS users. These are five of the most useful features which you will find in iOS 6. iOS 6 is certainly the best you have seen so far.

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  1. Wow an improved SIRI, I will definitely update my firmware to iOS 6 Just for that. Thanks for informing the features of iOS 6


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