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5 Best Tools To Analyze Your Twitter Account

Do you want to analyze your Twitter account? These are the best tools by which you can analyze your twitter account by checking out on twitter, it will tell you what is going out in the world and how much power you are holding with your twitter account. This will help not only regular users but also bloggers and Internet marketers investing on social media to promote their products. Here are the top 5 best tools that will help you analyze your Twitter account.


Best Tools To Analyze Your Twitter Account


MentionMap app displays your latest interactions and other peoples’ interactions too on the map. The Map itself holds complete interactions and allows users to click on the other interactions of people to bring up their maps. You can zoom out and in, navigate and drag the map. This app is really cool and works well. This app does not go into the complete details of the other person but will tell you about the other people’s connections. This app is best for keeping an eye on your relationships on Twitter.

Tweet Stats

TweetStats app is best for those users who are interested in knowing how much active they are on twitter, kind of patterns their tweets have marked out and how often. Your tweets per day and per month like basic information are presented first. It analyzes the timing by tweet stats of your tweets on definite days to pinpoint your most lively times during the week. This app is a firm source of your twitter account statistics.


This app is developed with the very basic idea but is very useful for blogger, marketer, journalist and researcher who require regular monitoring on developed situation. At present if you will click on the twitter’s most trending topic it will reveal the most well known tweets along with the list of the people from your friends and followers .This app is not practical but is handy for receiving second by second updates on online new story development trend. The monitor will allow you to search for every possible keyword and then will offer you with the every tweet posted on twitter.


Klout is a job tool and it will keep an eye on every aspect of Twitter account from retweet trends, number of followers, conversation and interactions. There is a scale between 1 to 100 developed by klout where klout score is placed. Score at 40 will indicate twitter klout as average. Medium account is at a score of sixty which is obtained by industry or specific niche. The cloud 100 score is obtained by big personalities Lady Gaga and Barrack Obama.

Book RX

This app is specially designed for the bookworms. It will analyze tweets and will figure out the most interesting things that you like to know. Then it will further make an analyzation on tweets of others which are same as you along with the books people tweet and read.

There you have it, the 5 best tools to analyze your Twitter account that you can use to monitor your tweets.

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