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5 Cool Tech Gifts for the Modern Man

Ever since we can remember, man and gadgets have been perfect together, like to peas in a pod. We are not sure if men have an inherent passion for technology, but one thing is for sure: whenever you need to buy a present for a man, no matter the occasion, if you run out of ideas, turn to technology and technology will enlighten you. There is no doubt that favorite gifts for men nowadays consist of gadgets and whether we’re talking about cool ones or useful ones, they will always arouse the interest of the recipient. And it’s so easy to buy tech gifts for guys: simply choose the most known and most talked about. Don’t worry! We’re not going to leave you with just this priceless piece of information. Here are our top tech choices as a gift for that special guy in your life.


The Chillsner

Beer lovers are sure to enjoy hearing that there has been invented a “toy” to keep beer cold after being removed from the refrigerator. The gadget called “The Chillsner” was developed by Corkcicle “is a device that keeps the cold temperature of beer from the first to the last drop.

Chillsner is a kind of rod that is placed in the cold for 45 minutes, then put inside the bottle of beer. Before putting it in the bottle, you have to take a sip of beer, for that it doesn’t spill when the Chillsner is inserted into the bottle.Chillsner cost $ 29.95 and can be purchased from the company website.

The external battery

If you use your smartphone to maximum capacity, you know that the battery will run out.Now you have a solution. Actually more, because there are a wide variety of products, from iPhone to Android or BlackBerry, or both at once.Different capacities, different designs, different colors, according to taste, according to budget. You can recharge your phone up to 5-6 times.

The electronic cigarette

If your guy likes to puff, then he will enjoy the feeling of freedom given by the electronic cigarette. This device emits no smoke and makes no ashes, so the man of the hour will be able to vape every time he feels like it, whether he is indoors or outdoors. Make sure you choose an electronic cigarette from a known brand, so that you get top quality. BLU e-cigs, for example, come with a wide variey of flavors, so it would be a good idea to purchase two or three different one, so that he will find the best flavor for him. And if he is really a tech fan, get this: the Social Pack from BLU comes with a cool feature that enables it to vibrate and light up whenever there is another person nearby using BLU. It might just be the perfect excuse for him to make some new friends and become part of an extensive paving community.

The Magic Cube Projection Keyboard

If writing on a smartphone seems difficult, we have a solution: this virtual keyboard that seems to be taken from science fiction movies. It projects on any surface a QWERT keyboardwhoch you use like you would a normal one. At one point, it will feel like you’re actually touching real buttons.Maybe it’s even more suitable for a tablet than a smartphone. Anyway the “wow” effect is guaranteed.

The i-Helicopter

A gadget meant to bring joy and relaxation. The helicopter is controlled by iPhone and Android and is resistant to collisions. We were told it is very addictive!

Follow the advice in the manual and you won’t be able to let it go.

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  1. Nice to see a blog that uses GASP and features about tech articles. I totally agree that e-cigarettes and external battery or powerbanks are 2 of the bests gifts we guys can receive.


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