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5 Fantastic iPhone Apps for Web Developers

Developers also make use of apps in order to enhance their workability. iPhone provides for such apps that keep the developers on their desk for less time than normal. They help the developers in their work a great deal. Some of those iPhone apps are as follows:


1. Code Cheat Sheets:




The code “cheat sheets” generated by Concentric Sky is essentially important when the developer goes clueless about the work and is far from the source data. This app costs a mere amount of 0.99 USD and is available for CSS, mySQL, JavaScript, php, RegEx, jQuery and HTML. The last three platforms mentioned before enable the user to enter codes inside the app. The striking part about these apps is that the info is available in the offline mode which makes it easy for the developer to access the info without looking for an internet connection for the same. The cost of 0.99 USD is very reasonable looking at the features of this app.

2. Color Stream:




This app resembles Adobe’s Kuler to a great deal. This app helps the user to add colors to his project. The range of colors and patterns available in this app is diverse. This app comes in two versions, the Lite version comes in for free and it enables the customer to make a design with the usage of 5 colors in RGB or CMYK modes. These shades can be further spotted by matching them with the hexadecimal values assigned to them. The app is extremely useful but it lags behind the paid version. It costs 2.99 USD and offers more features than the free version. The patterns can be saved which is a unique attribute of the paid version.


3. FTP on the go:



This app enables the developer to log into his system while being far from the office. This app also generates a list of FTP customers on the phone. The ease with which it modifies the text and saves the changes is an incomparable attribute. It also enables the user to see the common file versions and save them to the iPhone and also email them to the clients. The multi-tasking environment prevailing in this app speeds up the work of the user. This App costs as much as 6.99 USD but considering its multi-tasking features, this price seems quite reasonable.


4. Ego:




This app facilitates the generation of website’s statistics and gets presented in a hassle-free manner. This data could be either used personal purpose or for sending to the client. The ability of this app to collect data from Ember, , Feedburner, Google Analytics, Mint (with an additional download), Squarespace, Twitter and Vimeo is commendable. All types of data is ransacked and presented by this app. This app works as an extreme support for the running of other related apps by providing useful stats. This app costs 1.99 USD. 


5. Read & Note:




This app offers a full-screen browsing facility to the user. Apart from this great use, this app is also taken for copying and pasting text from web and other important works. To be able to change and edit the data on a website on a mobile app is simply an amazing and a hassle-free experience. This app costs 1.99 USD which is a minimal cost considering the incredibility of this app.

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This article is written by Janice. She is a tech enthusiast and is very possessive about her cell phone. She uses cell phone spy software to keep track of it.

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