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5 Great examples of simple ecommerce websites

That’s human psychology that they love beautifully designed things. From good presentation of food to what designer they are wearing, from the well designed car to what designs and features their Smartphone holds, everyone is concerned about design and layout. Same is the case with your websites too, if you failed to present your website in a better and eye catchy way you must be doing something very wrong. Here in this article just look at the 5 great examples of simple e commerce websites with simple but creative layout and design.


Let’s have a look!!




Well holds number #1 position when it comes to ecommerce websites with simple yet eye catchy layout and design. When you will visit the website you will see on the bottom there would be some sale offers mentioning what kind of discount they are offering. In addition to that the accessories and clothes have proper categories. You can search whatever you are looking for very easily without any fuss. Moreover they have high quality professional photographs.  Photographs are very captured that you can feel the stuff just by viewing the picture.



  1. Wrightwood Factory


On number 2 is Wrightwood Factory. The websites has the simplest design ever and gives a very elegant look in the first sight. With the minimum details the high professional photographs are the two reasons you will get attracted towards this website. Seeing from the top, Wrightwood has necessary details about the shipments, categories and contact information. The best thing about this e commerce website is its photographs. The photographs of furniture speak for itself and you will feel like you are standing in front of your favorite bed and sofa. Trust me that its true. The furniture is divided into the categories like handmade furniture, eco friendly furniture and some others.



  1. Archive books:


This is the most creative and inspiring e commerce website I have came across. Just look at this image below

See it look like a traditional newspaper and you will find monochrome images attached to one another. This boot retailer website has used the screen space in best possible way and you can read everything very clearly without much scrolling. On the left side of the screen you will see some contact and books details. The shop now feature isn’t on the front but you can find it very easily without any fuss.




Ada blackjack is the brand that offers leather goods and handmade bags. When we talk about design t this website has traditional layout and design. You will see simple bold text with best quality images only. They have avoided excessive details with simple and clean layout that will attract you in a very first sight. In addition to that in viewing the product photographs you will not see the traditional popup. If someone want to zoom image to see it more closely just click the plus button beside it. Moreover the shop now option is easy to fine.

  1. Good as Gold:


It is the online jewelry and fashion store based in Newzealand. The funky colors of the website will attract you at once. There are number of ways in which you can navigate the site like drop down menus and A-Z vendor list. Moreover the big homepage is consisting up of very eye catchy images.

In my point of view the above 5 website are great examples of e commerce websites with simple but attractive layout and website design. Hope you will find some inspiration with the help of this article while designing your ecommerce website.


  1. I’m really amazed with the sites list which you have provided in the post, especially the Stylewe and good as gold sites are created using e-Commerce. I have been planning to start my own business selling site from many months but had no idea how, your list has motivated me to start researching on this. Thanks for the post,

    Keep writing great stuff.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for this helpful post.I have been planning to start my own new e-business but I don’t know where to start from! the resources and techniques you have been provide here will help me to go a long way.
    hope will keep posting this type of helpful post further in future.
    with best regards…


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