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5 Inspiring IT Certifications For The Year 2014

Year 2014 is expected to be a great one for experts and professionals working in the IT sector. IT industry is growing and emerging every day and thus has a range of career opportunities. In accordance with Selftest Training if you want to equip yourself with latest and most demanded IT skills in year 2014, earn any of the following five IT certifications, which would undoubtedly train you in key areas of information and network technology.

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MCSE: server infrastructure

The Microsoft certified solutions expert specializing in server infrastructure is a great certification for those interested to work with server technologies. This certification validates the professional’s skills required for running modern and high end data centre, along with knowledge in domains including virtualization, storage, identity management, networking, and systems management. It’s a globally recognized standard for professionals in IT sector.

CCNA- Cisco certified network associate

In every organization and business, one is likely to find Cisco network appliances. Because of its significance, employers demand qualified experts who have sufficient skills to deal with Cisco network devices. A CCNA certified expert would be able to install and support networks of medium size efficiently. It’s a must to have certification for networking experts and technicians who have some knowledge of Cisco systems and technologies.

CISSP-Certified Information system security professional

You must have heard about organizations and businesses whose software and systems got hacked and their sensitive and critical information was stolen. This situation has given rise to the demand of experts who are capable enough of making an organizations’ software, data, and network safe and secure and prevent hackers from breaking in. A CISSP certificate holder demonstrate abilities and skills required for defining design, management, and architecture, and controls and manages the security of systems in business environments. It’s one of the very first credential launched in the sector of information security and is still considered the standard of excellence for IT security professionals.

MCSE: Private cloud


Microsoft certified solutions expert MCSE in Private cloud is a globally acknowledged certification which reflects a professional’ abilities to implement and manage Microsoft’s technologies of private cloud computing. This certification validates an expert’s skills to work adequately with system center and windows server for building private cloud solutions for optimizing delivery of information technology service. Earning MCSE: Private cloud certification would make a professional eligible for jobs including network manager, server administrator, and system programmer.

VCP- VMware certified professional

This is the certification which employers look for in resumes. The VMware certified professional is the most successful and popular certification. It’s an entry level credential which requires that candidates must take the VMware’s official training course wither in classroom setting or online. Earning the VCP certificate reflects a professional’s abilities essential for installing, configuring, and upgrading vSphere network, vCenter Server, vSphere storage, VMware ESXi, and skills for deploying and administering vApplications and virtual machines. VCP is part of a certification matrix which includes data center virtualization; cloud computing, end user computing, and network virtualization.

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