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5 Must-Have Business Related Applications for Your iPhone

If you are the owner of a business, or even the manager, you may find that iPhone applications are excellent for helping you to manage your business. These applications can help you in different departments, from transactions to postage. If you are involved in other business related endeavors, these applications can also boast plenty of benefits for you. The iPhone is a very handy device, and it is not only for communication and entertainment anymore. It is evolving the way that businesses and professionals operate and handle important day to day tasks. These applications listed can definitely assist any business or professional.

1. City Index: Spread Betting

City Index is a powerful trading platform provider, which specializes in spread betting and CFD trading. The City Index iPhone spread betting app is of great use to traders and investors; it allows traders to view their trades and account on the go, while also accessing important information related to the trading world (such as live updates and news from Dow Jones).

This application also allows City Index clients to open and close trades instantly whilst ion the move as well as set open and close orders, which means trades can be automatically executed when prices hit specific levels set by you. This allows you to buy and sell at the prices you predict are best, without having to monitor the market all the time throughout the day. With spread betting however, losses can exceed your deposit.

2. Scanner Pro: Mobile Scanning

Have you ever needed to scan documents, but were not located at home, the office, or anywhere with a scanner? This can sometimes be a major hassle, especially when you need to scan and send important documents urgently. Scanner Pro is a unique application for your iPhone that allows you to scan documents with your iPhone’s camera.

3. FedEx Mobile: Shipping & Postage

FedEx is a worldwide shipping and postage service, and they now offer a mobile application for the iPhone. This application allows you to schedule shipments, track packages in transit, order postage, and much more. This allows for you to access any information you may need regarding your shipping needs. When operating a business, this is a very useful application.

4. QuickOffice Mobile: Mini Microsoft Office


This office suite is much like Microsoft Office. It gives you basic spreadsheet, document creation, and database programs all at your fingertips. If you need to create or amend documents while on the go, this application suite will become your best friend. Its word processor works similarly to Microsoft Word; it even offers bullet lists and document indentations.

5. iSwipe: Credit Card Terminal

iSwipe is a prime solution for credit card transactions, and it operates directly through the iPhone. It includes a small attachment, which swipes the card so that it may be read just as it would with a traditional credit card terminal.

It is great for mobile events, or when you are unable to drag your traditional terminal with you (such as flea markets, shows, or in-home services). It can also be a lifesaver when the electricity goes out in your business establishment and you cannot use your card processor. This amazing service allows you to accept plastic wherever you (or your business) may be.

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