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5 of the Best iOS Apps for Car Enthusiasts

As with other industries, the iPhone and its many apps have become a convenient part of the auto world. For car enthusiasts, there are dozens of apps available to download and enhance their hobby. Today, with the help of, we’ve picked out five of our favorites to share with you.


1. Car Minder Plus
Every car enthusiast knows that the key to keeping a vehicle on the road for as long as possible is proper maintenance. It used to be the case that proper care required keeping written logs of oil changes, tire rotations and other regular routine maintenance. Car Minder Plus simplifies this process, giving owners a digital forum to track any work they have done to their vehicle. Another convenient feature of the app is the ability to quickly calculate a vehicle’s actual miles per gallon by logging odometer readings every time you fill up. By having a regular look at fuel economy, owners have more of a heads up in case something does begin to go wrong, since fuel economy is usually one of the first things affected by a car experiencing mechanical issues.


2. Rev & Rev Lite
While Car Minder Plus is an excellent app, some may find its manual approach to maintenance and tracking to be either limited or tedious. For the hardcore enthusiast, an app called Rev is a step up in terms of functionality. It offers automatic diagnostics via the OBD-II port found on most cars. This brings an end to the days of paying a mechanic to read the vehicle’s diagnostic codes, as Rev does so automatically from the app. Because it relies on readouts from the OBD-II port, Rev does require external hardware. Once that is installed, car owners can download the full version of Rev for $39.99. It is highly recommended that anyone interested in Rev try out Rev Lite first, as it features some of the main features from the full version and lets potential buyers test drive the app.

3. Beat the Traffic
Casual commuters and car lovers both have at least one thing in common: They hate being stuck in traffic. Beat the Traffic does exactly what its title says, providing real-time traffic updates and warning drivers of congestion along their routes. Not only does the app save car lovers time, it also saves them money by not having to idle in traffic.


4. Viper SmartStart
Some of the coolest apps on iOS enable remote control of different gadgets, such as televisions or lights. SmartStart takes that approach and applies it to the car, giving enthusiasts the ability to access their vehicle’s keyfob from their smartphone. Once an external SmartStart unit is installed in the vehicle, car owners can lock, unlock and start their car from virtually anywhere. One of the cool hidden benefits of the app is that if you accidentally lock your keys in the car, you can simply unlock the vehicle from the app and retrieve them in a few seconds.

5. Google Maps

This one is a bit of a no-brainer for car enthusiasts to have installed on their iPhones. Google Maps provides superior turn-by-turn directions to Apple’s own Maps application along with dozens of other features. Quick searches for POIs, estimate arrival times based on live traffic and voice-guided directions are just a few of the great features that Google Maps offers.


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