5 reasons why you need the iPhone 5s

It may be just under a year since the release of the iPhone 5s, but it certainly doesn’t seem that way. The release back in September garnered over nine million sales for Apple and although that gives the impression that almost everyone who wanted and could afford an iPhone now has one, it couldn’t be further from the truth as they are still hot in demand. With the news of T-Mobile’s price reduction to $648 – or $27 for 24 months on a contract – here are five reasons why the iPhone 5s is still the phone to have in your pocket.


Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor
Although the touch ID can prove complicated for some, it is a great tool for those wanting complete security on your phone. The fingerprint sensor allows you and only you to control the access to your device and keep unwanted eyes away. Perfect for those with children who may accidently delete possibly pivotal apps to your everyday existence, or meddlesome friends who love to send ‘prank texts’, this device is secure enough to thwart that and more!

Ultrafast LTE wireless
You can now browse download, and stream content at remarkable speeds, wherever you happen to be – thanks to this brilliant inclusion. Wifi is now faster as well – and all this bodes perfectly for the Hispanic community, as 60% of their population were found to use their mobile device as the primary source of web browsing in a recent study. Hispanics were also found to spend more time on their mobiles in general than non-Hispanics, in a March 2014 study.

iOS 7
It might have taken some flack upon original release, but iOS7 is here to stay and not only that, but it has proved to be a resounding success when the dust settled and people realised the true value of the system. It’s the world’s most advanced operating system and on the 5s it is in its most advanced form, meaning should you buy this iPhone – you have the most advanced phone on the planet. Given that many of the Hispanic demographic now use their mobile devices and smart devices for almost every use in place of laptops and computers, it is surely fitting to occupy themselves with one of the leading and most innovative systems out there today.

Improved 4-inch retina display
While most mobile and smart-phone manufacturers decided to up the ante and improve their screen size, Apple took a different route and decided to simply expand the quality of their screen resolution. The screen has had a mere size improvement, allowing users the addition of an extra row for apps along the home page – but the real quality lies in the pixel improvement. The iPhone is now 326 pixels per inch, making its visuals seem all the more amazing which is a benefit once more for Hispanics. 32% of Hispanics were found to use their mobiles for video chat – which is only as good as the screen quality. This was a whopping 12% over the percentage of black users and 13% over the percentage of white users who used video chat on a regular basis and indicates that video communication is big in the Hispanic community.


  1. I have been looking for a list of points on why I should update my i-phone, Pulkit, thanks very much for this one.
    The Ultrafast speed, though…do you think that phones will become faster? I am into long term purchases, not one to take me through the next year.

  2. I think that it may have sense to wait for the release of new iPhone, probably this autumn. After that you’ll be able to decide – either you want to buy a new one, or if you decide on iPhone 5S the prices will surely drop after the release of new model

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