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5 Super Useful Tips to Improve Technology Integration

Technology, a force that’s been rapidly evolving right in front of our very eyes, has been making its way towards the many different facets of our everyday lives because of several reasons. Take education, for instance: teachers and school administrators have decided on integrating technology as an advanced form of learning in the classroom. This shift to more advanced learning and teaching styles has definitely improved the quality of information given, received, and stored, not only with students but with educators all the same.

Technology Integration

Technology integration in the classroom explores a whole realm of possibilities for both students and educators in terms of learning and teaching. It also introduces new strategies and techniques that will definitely make students realize their true potential. As individuals living in a massively technology-influenced world, our young ones deserve to be educated on the many things technology can offer us. Because as much as we want our generation to rule over technology and hold on to it for as long as we can, these students will be taking over that responsibility.

If you’re an educator or school administrator who wishes to implement new ways to integrate technology in the classroom or maybe kick the curriculum up a notch by revamping traditional teaching and learning styles, you would want to read through this article and absorb as much as you can, as we will be revealing 5 incredibly useful tips to improve technology integration, and in line with that– the quality of education you offer in your school.

Install a centralized software.

To make technology more accessible to everyone in the school, come up with an all-around centralized software that integrates all school-related activities, like tests, homework, literature, administrative functions, and much more, into one common platform. To maintain this software, you may employ the aid of tech professionals to address errors and keep bugs away. As part of their job description, these professionals should also be able to assist students and educators in getting the hang of it all.

Technology Integration Classroom

Educate your educators.

To properly establish technology integration in the classroom, you must make sure that your educators are in the loop. Organize school-wide seminars about how to go about technology integration the right way for your educators and administrators. Facilitate tech-related workshops that will get the more traditional educators to learn and love modern tech-based teaching styles. Get these educators to connect with the younger generation by being open to modernization. Much of the disagreements between the older and the younger generation spur from a lack of understanding and conflicts of interest. Let older generations see the world through a young one’s eyes by way of technology and see the difference.

Training Lecture


Go paperless and turn to the more technological and collaborative approach of sending homework, tests, papers, and many more. If you don’t have this feature integrated with your current centralized software (if there is), you can always turn to Google Drive, an online software that lets you create, save, edit, and share documents. It also resembles an online classroom, where multiple users can add files, reading material, and instructions for the whole group to see and work on.

Google Drive

Promote fast learning with high-speed internet connection.

Integrating technology in the classroom would not be possible without a high-speed internet connection. This should be accessible within the entire campus. Steady wi-fi access is needed to encourage the flow of a student’s productivity, creativity, and capacity to store information. It is also required to maintain school-related operations and manage software-based activities such as tests being conducted.

Critical Thinking

Be updated.

Always keep yourself updated with the latest trends in technology because this could be an effective means of improving efficiency and the quality of education your school provides. These days, it’s not hard to be updated with the latest happenings, especially with the height of social media patronage and influence.


One of the reasons why we want to integrate technology in the classroom is because we want the young ones to easily adapt to the rapidly evolving digital age that’s heavily based on technology. It won’t be much of a surprise if a huge percentage of our livelihoods will be influenced by technology in the near future. In that sense, we hope these technology integration tips help you out in your cause.

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