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5 WikiPedia Search Tips That You Would Find Useful

While Google proves to be the best search engine of the web, WikiPedia is  something that doesn’t need to be ignored. In fact, WikiPedia is the best  place when one needs to get to know about any stuff. Google just searches the  web depending upon the query and in most of the cases, WikiPedia tops the  search results.

Now, when one uses WikiPedia, it is best to know some of the search tips that  will make one use WikiPedia faster and in a better way. Here, I will mention a  few search tips that you can use in the WikiPedia search box and get the most  out of them.

#1 WikiPedia Disambiguation

So, what does the word “Apple” refer to? According to me, Apple refers to  Apple Inc., and the Apple fruits. But a simple search “Apple (disambiguation)”  in WikiPedia search box tells me that Apple refers to Music, Places, People,  Films, Technology and a lot more!

Likewise if you want to know whether some word refers to two or three things,  you can always use Disambiguation just by typing the query in this format  “(Word) (disambiguation)” and WikiPedi a will revert you the results.

#2 Know What Happened During a Particular Year

Did you know the WikiPedia has big collections of the things that happened  during a particular year? Yeah. A simple search query “2011” will revert you  all the things that happened in the past year, provided WikiPedia has a record  of them. Try searching the history of other years.

#3 Things Happened on a Particular Day?

The previous tip helped you search for the things that happened during a  particular year. What about a particular day then? Just type your favorite  date in this format (22 September) and WikiPedia will show the events that  took place on that date each year!

WikiPedia show the results classified in four sections. The sections are  classified into Events, Births, Deaths and Holidays and Observances.

#4 Things That Happened in a Particular Conutry on a Particular Date?

Also, WikiPedia tracks the list of things that took place on a particular date  in a particular conutry. You can search the WikiPedia base using this format  “(17 March) in India”. You can replace the date and the country according to  your preferences.

#5 Read the Story of the Next Episode of Your Favorite Serial!

So, are you a Heroes freak? If yes, and if you love to watch it, you will love  this tip too! Consider that you want to know the story of the episode that is  gonna be telecasted tomorrow. What will you do?

Well, I can help you with that. You can just head to WikiPedia and type “List  of Heroes Episodes” in the search box and WikiPedia will show you all the  episodes which you can read and get to know the story!

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