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6 Marketing Ideas for Your eCommerce Products

When it comes to generating sales, you need to have a strong marketing campaign both on and off of your website. Although things such as pay-per-click ads and social integration are important for attracting visitors, on-site modifications can be beneficial to make sales from those that simply found your site through search engines. With the right shopping cart eCommerce software, this can be an extremely easy and lucrative process.

6 Marketing Ideas for Your eCommerce Products

Free Shipping

Many online sellers have experienced a great deal of success by offering free shipping. However, you want to make sure that it’s worthwhile. Heavier items can cost quite a bit to deliver, which could eat into your profits. It’s this worry that drives many eCommerce professionals to offer free shipping on purchases over a certain dollar amount. This kind of a platform may be dependent on the kind of items you plan on selling.

Diversify Your Products

Keeping with your niche is important when your marketing to a certain type of customer. You can also add items that are related to the primary product that may encourage additional sales. For example, you could offer stain and varnish products if you sell wooden furniture.

Coupon Codes

Providing a coupon code directly onto your website could inspire visitors to use it to make a purchase. While many eCommerce developers often use these codes in external marketing campaigns, it can be beneficial to post them directly onto your homepage. Creating a separate code for the homepage as opposed to external marketing can also demonstrate which coupon campaigns are more successful.

Seasonal Discounts

Some items may sell better during certain seasons than others. Offer seasonal discounts relating to specific items to encourage the sales of those products. This is often seen when retail stores sell swimwear for much less during the winter. It generates revenue while freeing up inventory space for other items. This could also work in the opposite direction by having a summer sale just before June.

BOGO Clearance

Buy one, get one free is a platform that many retail stores implement. This is usually done when there is an extensive number of a certain product available. You don’t want to tie up too much of your money in inventory, and this kind of a platform can help you liquefy products that are too difficult to move.

Email Giveaways

Every sales company should have a budget for promotional items. By offering promotional giveaways to those that register with your organization, you can encourage future sales while building a marketable list of email addresses. A regular giveaway can be inspiration enough to be a fan of your online store while keeping connected to those potential customers.

Promotions, coupons and discounts can do a great deal of good for encouraging sales to consumers who visit your site. From free shipping to monthly sales, many people will buy something if they believe they’re getting a deal. Implement marketing strategies on your eCommerce site and encourage visitors to spend more for what you have available.

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