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6 New Features Coming to Smartphones

Smartphones have revolutionized the way that people communicate and get information. With so many advances in such a short time, you have to wonder what features that smartphones will offer in the future. As futuristic as they may seem, some of these six features could come to smartphones soon.


1. Flexible Screens

Industry trends show that an increasing number of people want smartphones with large screens. Larger screens make it easier for users to watch videos, tap icons, and read content. At a certain point, though, screens can get too big, making them less portable.

Flexible screens could solve that problem. Developers have already started experimenting with organic light-emitting diode technology to create screens that can fold as easily as paper. That will make it easier for smartphone users to carry larger screens without inconvenience. When done using their phones, they can fold them up and slip them into their pockets.

2. Endless Battery Power

Some of the latest Latest 4G phones offer nearly 30 hours of talk time per charge. Once fully charged, you can talk on your phone all day. Eventually, however, your phone’s battery will run out of power. If experience tells you anything, the phone will die just when you need it most.

But not in the future. Researchers are using a combination of technologies to develop smartphones that will never lose power. This combination includes:

  • hardware that uses as little energy as possible
  • batteries that can store more energy in smaller spaces
  • solar panels that recharge batteries throughout the day

Within a few years, you may never have to worry about your phone dying at the least opportune moment.

3. Holographic Screens

A few manufacturers have released phones with 3-D screens. The technology isn’t perfect, but it’s a hint at what people will have in the future. Once companies have mastered three-dimensional screens, they’ll likely start working on holographic screens.

Holographic screens will probably use short-distance projections to create three-dimensional objects. The best part, however, is that users can interact with the projections. Instead of touching your screen to move or manipulate objects, you’ll touch a representation of the actual object. Science fiction movies like “Minority Report” and “Star Trek” will suddenly look a little dated.

4. Voice and Eye Security

Now that smartphones have become extensions of our lives, every person needs good security that prevents others from accessing private information. Security will become an even bigger concern once smartphone users get used to paying for purchases by swiping their devices.

Some companies have already made fingerprint technology. The next steps will unlock the security power of voice and eye recognition. Like fingerprints, people have unique voices and eyes. In a couple years, sensitive cameras and microphones may replace your security code. When you interact with your phone, it will respond quickly. When others try, it will ignore them.

5. Home and Car Integration

Bluetooth already makes it possible for properly equipped cars to recognize when you get into the car with your smartphone. The car’s stereo can then use the phone to play music and perform other minor functions.

Prepare for a future where your car and home recognize you even as you approach. The technology isn’t perfect yet, but manufacturers can already synch mobile devices to cars and home security systems. Expect that connection to deepen. The front door will open when you step on the porch. Your car will unlock as you reach for the handle. With more integration, life will become easier and more secure.

6. More Augmented Reality

Several apps have already brought augmented reality to smartphones. They can provide important information such as the distance between you and the car in front of you. Location-aware apps can already help you find restaurants and other locations just by holding your smartphone camera up to a city skyline.

Increased augmented reality will give people more information about their surroundings, which could improve everything from education to following directions.  It will also unlock new gaming opportunities. Imagine playing Angry Birds on your phone, except that the game takes place in your living room.

What future smartphone features excite you most?


  1. Having a phone with eye security and especially one which the battery doesn’t run down easily will be a turn around in technology. Can’t wait till this finally comes to be. Thanks for sharing this, it’s something to look forward to.


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