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6 Ways To Gain The Most Out Of Google Plus

Google Plus is a social networking giant, that is going to help you with enhancing your search rankings much more than even Facebook and Twitter can. And yes, it’s actually very good for your startups or established businesses in terms of getting in sync with the masses. There are different things to be shared on Google Plus, in order to help you grow. These are some ideas:


Articles Related to the Industry

Well you want information related to your own niche and so do the target audience. You can share articles and links with the people related to the industry you are in, be it mobile, construction, or the like. They need to be appealing, interesting and compelling to help it get “plused” and shared. You need to know what sort of stuff your followers are interested in, which depends on what they share. Thus you can read that to get an idea too.

Ask Interesting Questions to Get More Google Plus

Question them to get to know their needs, or what they want to hear from you. Try to get information out of them. Their preferences, what they like to read etc. What are the timings they are more active on Facebook. Provide options to streamline the results. What information they need about a product before they finally decide to purchase it? Why do they prefer certain articles over others?

Put up Pictures

The visual effect is more felt and lasting than plain text. Add pictures according to your business type. You can put up professional work-related ones, or just some wacky ones. You never know what will trigger the audience and tip the balance in your favor, so just keep trying.

Put up Videos

Videos are the greatest tools to add insight about your business. They help people visualize a story, spark their imaginations, make them wonder. You can create your own of your company, or post industry-related informative ones on Google Plus. Add a tasteful description to encourage people to watch; tell them what the video offers.

Share Motivational Quotes

Quotes can inspire and motivate, or they can bore. Post quotes as how they relate to you, not just to show your intellect. A good quote posted in conjunction with your work will get likes and even be shared on Google Plus by others. But again, don’t overdo it. Or you’ll drive people away from appearing too sanctimonious.

Add Useful Tips

People tend to like and share tips on the network itself, or for startup businesses in promoting their businesses and the like. You can use your own experience or put up related articles, resources. Whenever you see a useful piece that has helped you somehow, share it to help others. Remember, it’s a two way lane. If you help people with your tips, they will share it on their network, read, recommend and like it, and this will enhance your own popularity.

These tips are not for the Google Plus in particular but apply to any social media.

The Author of the post is Net Guru, blogger and a journalist. She is working with helping students and professionals to prepare for certification exams with guaranteed results.


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