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7 Practices that should be avoided on the Social Media

Social media forums are the most effective tools for the promotion of any kind of brand. Their conveniences and functionalities are serving millions and millions of businesses to succeed online. However, all this can be true in your case if you will move according to a well-planned strategy to perform all the marketing actions systematically. Sometimes one wrong marketing approach can cause your business to pay alot in the future. Following are the practices you should be wary of if you are planning to use social media as effective marketing tools:

Practices to avoid on Social Media

  • Senseless use or a mere Misuse

Some businesses try to be innovative by posting irrelevant tag lines for their products on the social media. Their idea is not visible in these tag lines and they leave the readers puzzled and suspicious of the product’s credibility. Thus, it is highly advised to keep your brand introductory information as simple as possible and try not to digress from what you actually need to sell.

  • Desertion

Some businesses are so incompetent that they do not even have time to follow up their own posts and update their profiles regularly. This kind of abandonment is disastrous for any kind of business. People instantly leave such sites that do not have anything new for them from a very long time. Thus, it is recommended to keep your business pages updated regularly and follow up all the posts to ensure your visitors that you know your responsibility.

  • Unnecessary Exploitation

Some businesses post unnecessary activities and photos just to engross their followers. This just wastes the time of the visitors and causes no good to the business in the long run. Thus, it is preferable to ask for likes and comments only if your business really needs it to grow. Similarly post informative news that can allow users to know and get inspired from your services, creating a strong clientele in your favor.

  • Lack of Knowledge

People using social media often ignore the step where they have to go through all the terms of services for the site under consideration. As a result, they end up in getting their accounts blocked by the authorities for not adhering to the rules. Hence, it is good to read these terms before signing up for any site and to keep your online reputation safe from being impeached.

  • Lack of Variety

It is good to keep things simple but keeping things monotonous is nothing less than a sin in social media marketing. You can focus on any point what your followers love to read but try to provide them with their desired pleasures in new and innovative ways. Do all this while being within the limits of your brand.

  • Too much of Self-Promotion

Try not to make it too much about yourself and your business. Only talk about your services and products where necessary. Fitting your content everywhere unwantedly will only result in annoying the visitors. Try to decrease ‘our’ thing while emphasizing ‘your’ concept at the same time.

  • Sameness

If you are working on more than one site, use every other site in a completely new fashion. Your strategy should be innovative for each of them. Lack of newness will decrease your followers drastically. All your posts, discussions, activities, contests, etc. should be different from the ones you are working on for the other sites.

These practices can make your business an ultimate failure on all the social media. Therefore, it is better not to go with these senseless practices and try to be as original and innovative as possible. Being active and efficient are also required for succeeding in this area. Be vigilant and be a successful social media manager!

Post contributed by Adeel Zia, Who’s a social networking guy working on its exploration. You can see his new work on instagram followers at


  1. Im impressed. I dont believe Ive met anyone who knows as a lot about this subject as you do. Youre truly nicely informed and really intelligent. You wrote something that folks could recognize and created the subject intriguing for everybody. Truly, excellent blog youve got here.

    1. Thanks Amna and Mike for appreciating the post, this kind of interest by the visitors always encourage writers/blogger to contribute more 🙂

      I will write more posts soon..

  2. Great article Adeel! I do agree that people should do research first cause lack of knowledge can lead to future issues which could damage your online reputation, which could be irreversible in worst case scenarios.


    1. Thanks Mike for taking time to read my post, you are right the damage can’t be repaired as we all know how Google is creating its monopoly. I suggest all of you to do concentrate on other search engines to survive in the market specially Bing.

  3. Well Pointed. I too believe innovative content is the power house for your SEO work. No point on having 100% bounce rate with 50% CTR in SERP.

  4. Self promotion should be avoided at all the times on social media.
    Too much self promotion will lead people to start ignoring you and that is not what we want.
    Nice post mate 🙂

  5. Thanks for such a great article, I know social media marketing is something a lot of people want to read more about and learn how to use effectively. I know that I use FB and G+ (mostly) and occasionally Twitter (which I need to utilize more often) so these tips will help me out a lot.

  6. It is important for all businesses marketing on Social Media to follow the golden rules of Branding: Stay on topic, aim your message to the prospects and customers that will help to spread the message, and don’t waste people’s time.

    Great post, Adeel. it’s time to take social media branding seriously.

    1. Thanks Ken. Well not only for business,we have to think seriously about social media and branding for our blogs too in order to get maximum attention from search engine and visitors.


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