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8 Top Not to Miss Business Apps in 2017

Endless days spent sitting behind a desk are gone, thanks to top business apps designed to allow for outstanding productivity, anywhere. Now you can converse privately, go to meetings, share files with an entire team, handle accounting tasks, and much more, all from your favorite device – and from wherever you happen to be at the moment. Here are eight big, exciting apps to simplify a variety of business-related tasks.

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Accept Payments Anywhere: Square Point of Sale – POS

Square Point of Sale – POS lets businesses of all types accept credit cards, record cash payments, and document other forms of tender such as gift cards, plus it sends receipts, keeps track of inventory, and much more. There is a small per-swipe fee for use, and deposits are available within one to two business days. The compatible Square Card Reader is provided free at sign-up, and secure transactions are assured via start-to-finish encryption.

Collaborate on Team Projects: Basecamp 3

Basecamp 3 lets users send and receive files, post to message boards, and streamline even the biggest projects for maximum productivity. To-do lists and check-ins aid with accountability, and a centralized schedule ensures that milestones are met. The latest version includes a drawing canvas for sketching ideas and more, adding a useful visual component to an already robust business app.

Communicate Instantly and Securely: Viber Out

Whether you’d like to send text messages, utilize instant “push to talk” style voice messages, engage inlive video chats or make traditional phone calls, Viber Out ensures that all communications are completely secure. This app syncs up with all contacts in your list, and it allows users to chat one-on-one or in groups of up to 250 users. There is even a damage-control feature that lets you rescind messages after they’ve been sent. Viber was originally designed to streamline communications between family groups and friends, and its new, upgraded features make it ideal for business use, too.

Enhance 100+ Business Skills: Mind Tools

Have a little downtime? If you do, and if you’d like to develop yourself further or increase your entire team’s skills in a variety of areas that range from strategizing to personal productivity, then the Mind Tools app will probably appeal to you. There are a number of ways to put it to work, including a tool for creating individual learning plans. Mind Tools provides insight into over 100 useful skills for taking careers of all types to the next level.

Handle Files Effortlessly: Dropbox

Shared folders that allow you to collaborate with others, a document scanner that lets you turn just about anything into a simple PDF, and easy interfacing with files from Word and other sources are just a few of the features that make Dropbox a must-have app for businesses large and small. Users can access a certain amount of data for no charge, and can share with others who don’t use the app.

Manage Time Effortlessly: Jorte

More than a simple calendar, Jorte offers a variety of customizable features including the ability to create detailed task lists that are visible with a quick click. Broadly acclaimed as one of the best apps for business as well as personal use, it syncs with Microsoft Office, Google Calendar, Evernote, and other popular time management apps. A premium, paid version is available, however there are plenty of things to appreciate about Jorte’s free version.

Recruit Employees: Indeed Employer

Ideal candidates really do exist – and many of them use Indeed to search for jobs. The Indeed Employer app allows you to post jobs quickly, view open jobs at a glance, and manage candidates via a crisp interface that puts resumes, cover letters, notes, and other important details at your fingertips. Screener questions allow you to find the best-qualified candidates.

Ship & Receive: FedEx

Find the nearest FedEx location, enjoy instant status updates on incoming and outgoing shipments, and communicate with the people who make this company a standout. The FedEx app is a must-have for any business that sends or receives goods, and it’s an excellent tool for personal use, too. Use it to provide details for package drop-off, sign for packages that require your signature, have packages held securely when you’re not available to receive them, and much more.

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  1. Hi Pulkit,
    You have shared a nice bunch of business apps. So, that anyone can stay connected with their clients, employees, and other stakeholders from anywhere using these awesome apps.

    ~Shabir Hussain


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