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Adoption of some Cloud based Technologies can help you reduce cost

Fujitsu is a leading provider of world class Virtual Client and Managed Mobile Services. Adoption of these services not only reduces cost but also ensures success in the growth of company standards. We can see soon every bit of data moving to cloud storage. There are many reasons for the same apart from being cost effective cloud storage also provide a level of security layers. Talking about corporate data and company standards we slowing driving our attention towards a huge infrastructure. A proper solution to cut down cost from such huge infrastructure is optimization use of available resources. Fujitsu Offerings for Virtual client services and Managed Mobile services are great and have played a great role.


Virtual client services in brief

VCS is a technology to provide classic desktop based virtual services. This is the most modern way of managing two major factors in Information technology business size and profit. This also helps in minimizing cost incurred in data storage security. Virtual client services ensures best personalized computing capability. Contemporary devices like iPads, android smartphones and Mac OS operated devices are also supported. Three key benefits of VCS are Security control to the core, minimized business expenditure and flexible management system. VCS makes things east to adopt and identify. It’s a platform designed to increase productivity to an unbelievable extent. It has rapidly minimized all hindrances in user experience developments.

virtual client services

Managed Mobile services in brief

This server is designed in order to ensure proper data security and protecting privacy of your corporate environment. This is a cloud based mobile computing service that helps secure mobile access of corporate data. In older days it was a challenge to carry corporate data out of the office, with changing days we had access to network security features like VPN which although allowed private access to data but only over a high speed internet connection. Biggest challenge was to ensure proper connectivity and flexibility of data movement. Organizational requirements tend to change with workforce requirements. To perform any task efficiently, mobility and flexibly are the two key constrains. Fujitsu Offerings for Managed Mobile services have played a great role in bridging the gap between network security features and mobility for secured data. This service not only helps reducing enterprise cost but also ensures high productivity levels.

It is really important to understand the vast requirement of corporate employees. Company standards have shown huge improvements in employee satisfaction with implementation of technology like Bring Your Own Device.” Such kind of technology helps employees feel at home even when they are working in office. Fujitsu Offerings help you facilitate proper policy engagement for your widespread mobile infrastructure. This service is basically based on citrix products. This service provides support for full life cycle management of mobile infrastructure. Staring from configuration, provision, maintenance, tracking and decommission.

managed mobile services

One of the best example of managed Mobile services is baggage tracking system. This system is designed to help travelers to track their luggage at every point of their travel. This system also help to low down the down time in case of lost luggage. Now in case of a lost luggage the passenger can track his own luggage location and can approach the airport authorities to get the luggage in the next available flight. Eve in some cases the down time is auto calculated.

Not only Managed mobile service have worked in transportation sector but also it has shown great improvement in construction and manufacturing industries. Fujitsu offers Managed mobile services even in healthcare, finance and retail sectors.


Reason to Choose Fujitsu for Virtual client services or Managed Mobile Services

  • Managed mobile services improves productivity with more than 75% and Virtual Client Services Improves by 40% depending on the size of adoption.
  • Increased employee satisfaction with improved support.
  • Support for all kinds of latest gadgets available in business and retail market.
  • Reduction in operational cost by more than 80%
  • Easier life with one interface management solution.
  • Pricing is done on monthly basis, calculate per device method clears doubts of any hidden cost.
  • Pre-designed service modules or create one that suits your need.
  • Lastly, Managed mobile service and virtual client services help working across the globe possible with at a very nominal price.


Managed Mobile and Virtual Client Service are two of the most popular and modern technology that one can adopt at the point. These technologies are future ready which can easily accustom to upcoming change in future. Being a cloud based service, there is unlimited availability of memory and storage. Memory and storage are some of the main hindrances that could lead to a problem when we talk about any kind of change in an organizational infrastructure.

Fujitsu also offers some other services globally like Bring your own device, Global delivery, network services. These are some of the employee oriented services.

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