Eyes4Tech Can Help Boost Your Product Through Cheap Advertisement

Are you looking for a well-targeted yet cheap advertisement to create product awareness? Then you came into the right place. We, here in Eyes4Tech covers nothing but tech-related articles as mentioned in our about page. And covering tech-related news, reviews, “how to” and many more has always been the focus of our blog site for since 2011. Having said, pitching a product in a form of banners, articles, or product reviews is easy. For as long as they conform with the niche of our blog site then creating a “buzz” for your product can easily be targeted.

Advertising Opportunities Eyes4Tech offers

As of the moment, Eyes4Tech offers the following advertising campaigns for your company’s need:

  • Link ads
    • Link placement on an existing article
    • Sponsorship article
    • Or we can write the article or review for you
  • Banner ads (acceptable sizes are 468×60, 300×250 and 160×600)
    • After the post title (above the fold of the content)
    • Middle of the content
    • Below the fold
    • Sidebar (above the fold)
    • Homepage banner
  • NO ads will be shown on common HTTP error pages i.e. Error 404; or normal pages like this one.
  • Since Eyes4Tech is using Google Adsense as its main advertisement platform, an agreement can be done to exclude all the ad units in the targeted page and leave nothing but your ads alone. This will make sure that your campaign is very much targeted. BUT this depends on the agreement.

General Terms and Condition

Eyes4Tech does not accept random or all types of advertisement request. Each requests is being reviewed so as not to harm the whole blog and affect other customers. This means that we have the right to filter and reject advertisements when we deem that it is no longer safe for our blog site. For link ads, especially for sponsorship articles, we still follow the rules for accepting guest posts and “what-not-to-dos” here.

Here are some of the most basic and initial terms and conditions we strictly implement when accepting link advertisement request:

  • We can only allow a maximum of 2 outbound (dofollow) links. But do note, that upon reviewing the article, we will check also the link if it will be harmful to Eyes4Tech and to our readers.
  • Payment transfer/transaction is via Paypal. The Paypal ID will be provided after the article has been reviewed and posted.
  • Submitted article should have a minimum of 700 words or more.
  • The article should be rich and unique. Not just some mere words just to fill the minimum number of words. Quality content is a MUST.
  • Upon submission, we will review it within 24 hrs then we will provide feedback if it is accepted or not.

Advertisement Exposure Campaign

The advertisement campaign will depend on your company’s need. We can offer:

  • 3 months (minimum)
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • Permanent

Advertisement Fees

Advertisement fees varies or depends on the advertisement type and campaign. The minimum advertisement fee is $50USD, and as mentioned it depends on the advertisement type and campaign.

Contact us

For more information and faster transaction, please drop us an email at [email protected]