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Affordable Housing Is the Requirement of the Day

Since its inauguration in 2010, Tata Value Homes has found its footing in more or less all the main cities throughout the country. It is important to note that it is a parent company that witnessed its elevated growth opening from 2006. Despite being involved in construction of IT Parks as well as retail spaces, a lot of residential projects had also been undertaken throughout that tenure. Having achieved success of these projects as well as witnessing the alterations in the property markets, Tata Value Homeshad been created with a view to meeting the ever growing demand of good homes all over the country.

How bringing down the cost?

The Company has utilized the most fundamental principles of business in bringing down the cost.  More apartments have been created in aninadequate space. Moreover, the high excellence of Tata Value Homes brings down the total costs and hence they can moreover be made obtainable at prices beginning at Rs. 25 lacs even. Nevertheless one has to keep in mind that all Tata Housing Projects across territories are dissimilar.

Each has been designed keeping in mind the demand traits of particular region. Therefore, the Tata Value Homes Housing project of Chennai would be different from the one set up in Bangalore as well as both of them would be entirely dissimilar from the project underway in Lonavala in Maharashtra. As for example, the Tata New Haven projects of Bangalore in addition to Ahmedabad are quite different. The Ahmedabad project provides the option of 1 BHK simply; whereas the Bangalore chapter does not provide 1 BHK at all! Whilst the underlying principles of construction are similar, the overall designs of Tata Homes in different cities are different.

The corporate structure as well as preceding experience has a significant role to play. The Tata Company is capable of employing the most excellent resources to gauge the pulse of the market in a specific way territory. This knowledge permits them to lay down parameters for improvement of projects. The sales of such focused constructions are faster indeed.


The final consequence is that the consumers of every city find what they require as well as the homes of each of the accommodation therefore is being booked fast.

The property rates in India are extremely high; moreover a greater section of population is still living in “kucha houses” as well as slums. The reasonably priced houses in India are indeed much needed by the common man. Though housing in India is well developed with numerous modern amenities however, the foremost requirement for majority population is to have a shelter for dwelling. The luxuries of housing are not a main concern for the people who are homeless.

There are some builders in India who are coming up with the notion of affordable housing. In order to do this sort of construction the 2/3 BHK flats are usually built with a relativelysmall space in addition to limited facilities. The builders are cutting on the different factors that attribute to hike in prices to adjust the lowered rates. The Purpose is to get high volume of buyers by means of minimizing the rates since higher prices can’t target the majority population.

Minority populations of India are solvent whereas general people contribute to the majority population in India. This is whyin order to maximize the profits as well as 100 percent sale of the launched housing projects the builders have adopted the idea of affordable housing in cities of India.

Numerous builders are currently coming up with reasonably priced housing projects in NCR cities, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangaloreand so on. Noida has a number of upcoming affordable projects in the remote sectors as well as along the Noida expressway. Te builders are going to launch affordable projects in the far-off sectors.

It should be noted importantly that the sectors for instance 92, 91, 90, 82 are providing numerous affordable Gurgaon housing amenities. The developers are building 2/3bhk apartments most of which are reasonably priced housing in the city.


The Tata Value Homes have been designed towards incorporating all features which one would anticipate in an urban housing society. Further endeavor are put in towardspermitting conservation of natural resources that in turn assists home owners save on energy in addition to fuel costs.

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