All About Fitbit Tracker and its features.

Fitbit Tracker has become important part of life. Sometimes various people think it is useless expenses. So without talking about others I should direct you towards the advantages and disadvantages of Fitbit tracker. So, that you will be able to conclude properly whether this device is perfect choice for you or not.

Fitbit Tracker

Advantages of Fitbit Tracker

  • Easy in wearing for 24/7. Fitbit Tracker is light in weight and comfortable for your day and night wear. Your wrist can easily accompanied both watch and tracker altogether without having feeling of heaviness.
  • There are variety of different colors and design of Fitbit tracker for the pleasing appearance with high end performance.
  • It is reasonably priced you do not need to go for brand which is over expensive. All you need to gather info and buy your tracker smartly by taking care of your needs.
  • It is really amazing to see functioning to Fitbit tracker for your fitness activities like how many steps you walked or stairs you climb.
  • This tracker is water resistant so perfect for the shower use and for the rain as well. It can be submerged up to33 feet deep inside.
  • The use of Bluetooth or dongle will allow you to upload your status so you do not need to go for lengthy process of connecting it to phone or computer.
  • There is a charging cable which is beneficial for us for charging the battery when you come to know through battery notification that it is low. But battery gets low in the gap of 3 to 5 days.
  • There is a instruction of using it when you have no idea about the accuracy in result to display. There is a help forum which allows you to measure and add my stride length to the profile. The Dashboard can generate perfect count of steps you have taken.


Disadvantage of Fitbit Tracker

  • You can charge the Fitbit tracker with USB cable.
  • It requires lot of time consuming process for the beginner to create the food menu for using the food log. In this genre who wants to stay away from which track your eating habit to monitor calories.
  • It is tough to trapping the tracker into sleep mode. Retrying process is irksome.


There are many people who cannot go without Fitbit tracker as it becomes their necessity. Not a bad deal if you have something which monitor your daily activities and provides you correct information. So advantages win over disadvantages. There are lot of other brands making fitness tracker, just check the compression between them like Fitbit Vs Jawbone Up.

You can set your goals of achieving the target of running or stepping 10000 steps like that. Your Fitbit tracker will update you to alarm for your goals to accomplish. Give yourself more privilege to track your all activities altogether packed in one device to regulate properly. Do not forget to check Wear Arena for latest wearable news.




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  1. Is there any best application for health tracking. Sometimes ago, i download the google fit app but i think this app is not working correctly so i uninstall it.

    So sir, can you suggest me the best application for health tracking for my android phone.


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