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All about iPhone Care Pro for Mac by Tenorshare

While dealing with day to say activities, your iPhone, iPad or iPod takes a load of pressure and delivers. But often with time, an apple device tends to get slow and clumsy and there could be many possible issues that could arise with time. So today we will have a look that how could we fix those kind of problems like a boss, within a few clicks


We will be using a software, which goes by the name of Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro for Mac. It is a one click tool for your Mac and will fix the device immediately, all you have to do is follow some simple steps and the rest it will take care. Below are some of its functions that it does.

  1. Transferring Music and Photos:

As a perfect file manager, this app helps you to greatly enhance and improve the process to transfer and share music and photos. and not only this, it also lets you manage the apps and contacts back and forth too. It can really improve your productivity in handling these types of files and managing them. Like. For instance it could easily. Merge all the duplicate contacts on your device and not only this there are much more useful tweaks within the software which you can use.

Tenorshare iPhone Care

  1. Cleaning junk Files

Majority of the time, when a device slows down, it is because the temporary junk files keep building up and then slow down the system in turn. Now this can be very annoying as it makes your iPhone really slow down and there isn’t much that can be done for it. But using this software you can improve your performance and speed up the system by clearing them out within just a click. It will wipe all the unnecessary files that hinder the proper functioning of the device.


  1. Block Ads

And not only it ends here, the ads that appear within the apps are too annoying. And they bring down the whole user interface and make it appear so ugly. But you need not worry if you. Have this tool on your deck. it can easily block all those unwanted ads that you are forcefully shown in the name of free apps. And it is very very effecting in that process. It can block ads on famous platforms like YouTube, and also blocks from major providers including Google Adsense.


  1. Hardcore Functions and the Perfect Replacement

These were just the basic functions that a user could use. This tool is way past that. It could also fix an device which is stuck in the recovery mode and won’t boot up. I wouldn’t get into that though, as that issue is not which everyone has faced or will face. But you should know that this tool can deal with those complex situations as well. And not only that this took is a perfect replacement for the iTunes. It can backup data, let you manage and control the device with more powerful tools and what not, which makes it an ideal replacement for the iTunes.

So these were some of the functions that iPhone Care Pro that can help fix iPhone issues, and also it supports every apple device i.e iPads, iPods and iPhones, no matter what OS they are running including the iOS 9.

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