Android Apps

Android Apps Market and Key Benefits

Android Apps and Its Development

Android is one of the most popular Operating system by Google, that is Linux based and is founded by Chris White, Nick Sears, Andy Rubin. Majorly, this OS was designed miraculously for touch screen mobile which is fully based on Games and Apps. Also it is free with millions of free softwares as well as games and that makes this OS the most desirable among other OS in the market.

One of the amazing features which include Google search and voice capabilities allows its users by speaking or typing the address to discover the local destination. This is a multi purpose Operating System. For boosting up its performance and power, this Android OS has been upgraded numerous times and all the upgrades are in series of style, power and performance.

The first OS version was android 1.5 – which is known as ‘cupcake’. Then came 1.6 – which is called ‘donut’, then 2.0 and 2.1 – which is called as ‘eclair’, then later came 2.2 – which is called as ‘Froyo’, from 2.3 to 2.3.7 – it is called ‘gingerbread’, then 3.1 to 3.2 – known as ‘honeycomb’, following it comes the honeycomb android 4.0. And now ‘Jellybean’ is the most recent OS upgrade which is android 4.2.

Android Apps Market and Key Benefits

Why Android Apps are Popular? Following are the reasons:

  • High Quality Application
  • Classified Applications
  • High Quality App Designs

India based Android Application Development Companies offer varieties of applications which include lifestyle, health, finance and communication to name a few. Google’s Android has been catalogued as the best selling smart phones, which has also been proved an open area for professionals as there are several high quality applications available and also it is the most used OS amongst the Indians.

Platforms included for development

  1. Java
  2. Xda
  3. Android SDK
  4. HTML
  5. XML
  6. XHTML
  7. AJAX
  8. CSS
  9. JavaScript

Services showcased by the developers

  1. Multimedia Applications
  2. Communication Applications
  3. Apps Testing
  4. Enterprise Applications
  5. Games Development
  6. Business Applications
  7. Travel Applications

The Android App users are increasing at a rapid pace, which is really unexpected in the Indian Market as every third smartphone user is possessing Android OS.

Key Benefits of Android App Development

  • It has been noticed worldwide that, millions of android activations have been done so far at a great pace. Which shows that people in large number are willingly accepting android products.
  • You will notice the regular updates, which always leads to user’s expectation and thus clients are satisfied with this development of Android Apps.
  • The free market place helps in getting the designers with the specific target audience very fast.
  • The growth of the Android market is really very impressive, it renders for great flexibility and the higher apps installation rates.

Conclusion :

Android OS is a superb platform. No one ever gave a thought about comparing a computer with a small mobile, but see Android has changed the whole scenario. And these days you will find many devices which were created surrounding this is like a tablet, mobile, android watch and many more.

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  1. Android apps are perfect for upcoming models of Mobile. Samsung, Nokia, Apple every phone get this facility. But I use Symphony Mobile and its android,but Im unable to get new apps to RUN. Can you give me the solution, Waiting ………………


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