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Andy Samberg Impersonates Mark Zuckerberg At The 4th F8 Developer Conference

Earlier I posted one of the major highlights of yesterday’s Facebook’s 4th f8 Developer Conference which Mark calls the Facebook Timeline Views. But just a couple of hours ago, I saw this video clip from YouTube and at first I thought it was indeed Mark Zuckerberg (it’s because I am not really a huge fan of him, I only liked what he did) speaking up-front in the stage until the real Mark showed up. All along since from the beginning of the f8 introduction, the person I am looking at was the American Comedian/Actor Andy Samberg parodying the real Mark Zuckerberg. No wonder all of the keynotes he mentioned seems to be “too” odd for Facebook to actually implement such as “Slow-poke” and “I’m Not Really Friends With These People”.

Mark Zuckerberg and Andy Samberg F8 Conference

Admittedly, some of the things Andy revealed were quite true. What I meant was, those things he mentioned and described are somehow true but… in an exaggerated way. Like the number of Facebook users beating the number of members of “Glee” – well from the last statistics I saw, Facebook already managed to get at least 800M worldwide with 1 Trillion pageviews. And there’s Charlie Sheen (where he mentioned that the guy abuses drugs), Andy said that Facebook intends to move the company’s objective from user growth to user engagement. And there are many other pointers that if you analyze it more closely – he actually made some good pointers.

Here’s the video clip that I am talking about, introducing Andy Samberg mimicking Mark Zuckerberg from the last f8 Developers Conference.

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