Apple iPhone 6S REVIEW; Specifications & Features

When the Apple iPhone 6 was launched last year, it resolved almost every issues that all the iPhone users were complaining from many years. And we all were curious to know what Apple would bring into the table this year, with their latest generation Apple iPhone.

After hell lots of rumors and speculations, we finally have the Apple iPhone 6S announced, and it indeed, as ever, is the best Apple iPhone ever. But how much have actually changed from the Apple iPhone 6 in the Apple iPhone 6s? If you are interested to sell your cell phone and buy the iPhone 6S, here we are with a detailed review of the Apple iPhone 6S.

Physically, the Apple iPhone 6S is a clone of the Apple iPhone 6, except for the fact that now you get the latest Apple iPhone in a pink color variant too. The display size and resolution remains the same at 4.7 inches, however, the display now has a new 3D Touch feature, which similar to the Force Touch found in the all new Apple MacBook 2015, helps you perform a variety of tasks depending on the force you apply on the display of your Apple iPhone 6s.

Hardware wise, the Apple iPhone 6s rocks an all new Apple A9 CPU, which does tasks about 70 percent faster than the last year’s Apple iPhone 6, and GPU tasks about 90% faster than its predecessor, thanks to the new processor and a bump to 2 GB of RAM, as compared to 1 GB of RAM which was available in the Apple iPhone 6.

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Moreover, the camera has also seen some major improvements. For starters, the Apple iPhone 6s features a 12 MP primary camera sensor that can shoot videos even at 4K resolution along with a 5 MP secondary camera. Even though the Apple iPhone camera’s have always been the best in the business, we wanted a better resolution camera sensor, and finally that request is answered in the all new Apple iPhone 6s.

The Apple iPhone 6s, however, is thicker, heavier at 7.1 mm and 143 g respectively as compared to the 6.9 mm thick and 129 g weighing Apple iPhone 6. And here comes the major disadvantage, the smaller battery found in the Apple iPhone 6 at 1810 mAh, gets even smaller with the Apple iPhone 6s to 1715 mAh.

And to boost battery life, Apple largely bets on the software optimization done within the Apple iPhone 6s, and also on the Low Power Saving mode that comes with the latest iOS 9 operating system, which will come pre loaded in the Apple iPhone 6s.

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor is about twice as fast than what we have come across in the Apple iPhone 6, so is mostly every other tasks such as multi tasking and gaming.

Also, taking last year’s bendgate issue into concern, Apple has ensured that such cases won’t happen again by introducing aerospace grade Aluminium in the construction of the Apple iPhone 6s, which will ensure much robust sturdiness as compared to last year’s Apple iPhone 6, which was still made of Aluminium.

The storage option still starts at 16 GB, which is the least recommended variant as of today’s standards, and then comes the 32 GB and finally the 128 GB variant.


  1. I think thickness and battery life are the main complaints, people are facing and I have found the same with my own iPhone 6S.

    I hope in future, Apple will definitely bring the quite thinner layout of iPhone.


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