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New Apple Policy Targets Cell Phone Tracking

Apple’s new policy to curb user activity tracking

The new policy of Apple targets cell phone tracking software, by making it difficult for the employers to monitor the activity of the user. Companies frequently indulge in the activity of tracking the activity of their employees. Apple secures the users of iPhone and iPad from any outside interference in their device. iPhone spyware has been designed to counter the practice of tracking devices.

Phasing out access to cater to privacy concerns

Apple designed its policy when the company started to work with the developer of unique device identifiers (UDID). UDIDs are the specific numbers assigned to cell phones, which help to track the internet browser cookies and various applications. The irony is that although they may not intend to do so, these companies did nothing different than what a typical iPhone spy app does.

iPhone Spyware Privacy

Apple couldn’t have ignored the fact the companies were busy investigating the details of their employees through Apple devices. The information obtained includes the location, log details, history of the phone, personal details and the use of apps installed in the device.

Apple has contacted the developers to make unique IDs which are specific identities to their apps. This in turn should limit the access to the personal data of the users.

Following Google’s lead

Apple’s followed Google’s footsteps to counter the privacy defaults. This is another of Google’s attributes that Apple has copied to place a privacy protection option with advertising companies. This is a two-pronged approach – the first approach targets the profits from the “pasteboards” in iOS. These allow the iPhone to transfer data from one app to another. However, the developers’ main purpose behind this was to use them for ID storage, which is even effective if the app is closed or if the system reboots. Another way towards this version is called OpenUDID, which protects the UDIDs of the cell phones against hacking by the advertisers for their personal benefit. iPhone tracking has indeed gained lot of popularity.

Advertisers’ Point of View

Keeping in view the change in Apple’s policy, a number of advertising companies have started to claim that the change in policy isn’t necessarily for privacy reasons. Some companies are portraying it as a move to gain favors by using identifiers for iAd – Apple’s advertisement network. Therefore, these advertising companies have issues with violating privacy or the spirit of any policy. However, advertisers point out that they are not interested in breaching privacy or extracting personal information, they are only interested in the activity of the users. Following this approach, the cell phone companies can improve their products, and this in turn would help the user as well.

Advertisers strongly criticize Apple, if it puts its new policy into practice. However, the logical thing would be to look for a compromise between solving privacy issues, and allowing companies to advertise their products as well.

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