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Askme presents DealGuru – Great Place for online deals

You must thought that DealGuru is only another online shopping website and may have observed a popular advertisement of DealGuru by AskMeBazaar. DealGuru has made Indian users online shopping better and simpler.


For users who are oblivious, DealGuru is an initiative by AskMeBazaar and offers products from various categories which includes Clothing & Fashion Accessories, Art & Decorative Items, Automobile Accessories, Bags & Bag, Computers & Peripherals, Cosmetic & Perfumes, Fitness, Wellness & Health Care, Footwears, Furnishings, Furniture and more.

DealGuru having more than 1000 live deals every day and has a network of more than 9000 sellers.

Who can Buy & Sell in DealGuru

Anyone can be purchase and seller products on DealGuru. A seller in DealGuru will be required to give a minimal transaction fee of the products sold.

How can DealGuru function?

DealGuru works in a procedure that is simple. It purchases excess of inventories from sellers across India Sellers. The samples of the inventories are sent to the expert review team of AskMeBazaar to look over the quality of the merchandise. You need to recognize that the products aren’t the lost stuffs of the sellers, only excessive stocks. Once approved the products are posted on DealGuru website for sale by reaching an arrangement with all the seller regarding the price of the merchandise.

Buyers can go and browse products from the Homepage of the website and choose the required product. Pictures of the product in addition to the info related to the seller in the site posts the product. Buyers who intend to buy a certain item are free to choose from various options of payment including Cash On Delivery(COD). Buyer should be assured that each and every product they buy has the particular item’s unique getit trust seal. They share them on social networking sites and can also rate products of sellers.

A confirmation call is made upon delivery of the item to the purchaser. When buyer satisfaction is supported then the payment is created to the seller from DealGuru after deducting their commission. User has complete right to return the product if dissatisfied within a specified time period with money back guarantee.

DealGuru offers reduction of more than 50% on each product which lets you to save lots of cash with no any delivery charge on products.

Do not wait, go and check DealGuru by AskMeBazaar yourself!

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