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Askmebazaar’s New Category Wholesale Review is a new portal which has been launched for wholesale selling and buying. It one of the unique ecommerce portal which specifically deals with a different segment of customers. However, there is an interesting point which can be noticed that this portal will really help Askmebazaar to shove up their revenue in this sector, because this is a B2B portal, where an organization will contact directly with a manufacturer and purchase a huge bunch at once providing a good amount of revenue to askmebazaar in a single buying process.


Apart from this, it is really good for all the organization available across the country because we all know that such organizations do not strive hard to search for the right client. They end up taking the help of various brokers, middlemen and other intermediaries to get the right price in the market. However, this prices are never right, these prices include a good amount of profit which will be eaten by these intermediaries. Both, the seller and buyer and are supposed to sacrifices a good amount of profit to complete the buying process and if the intermediaries were smart, then they will never let a buyer and seller meet.

In order to help the organization with the same problem, this portal provides the buyers and sellers with a huge number of option. Now they won’t have to strive hard to search for the customers because this portal has a good database for the right sellers and buyers. With a small fee of 1000 INR, any organization can register itself on this portal and then take the advantage of its features.

On this, Mr. Kiran Murthy, CEO AskMeBazaar, said that “We are quite excited about the addition of wholesale to our product suite and are heartened to see the initial response from small businesses and suppliers alike. We have been promoting this concept across industry exhibitions like AHAAR etc and many businesses and suppliers have signed up on the spot. The transaction cycles are longer plus the average invoice amount is larger and hence we are tracking the operations cycle very carefully and will scale up this platform and catalog very soon.”

As a buyers, you have the option of checking the sample and then asking them for the quote, which will lead to final delivery of the products, if the quote is accepted. The delivery will be handled solely by the seller and we are not sure whether there will be any extra for this service. So, this was all about this new portal in the ecommerce sector, please do let us know about your opinion.

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