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ASUS Tablets – Will They Be The Next Big Thing?

ASUS: Will they conquer the tablet industry?

A question now arises if ASUS will be the next big thing.  The rise of the popularity of tablets can be credited to the release of Apple’s first iPad into the market. It has almost everything mobile people in the 21st century would want to have with them when they travel. Apples’ iPad combines elegance with functionality and it did not take much to sell it to the masses. The success of the iPad has inspired other companies involved in the business of laptops and notebooks to release their own tablets. Samsung introduced their very own Galaxy Tab. And now, Asus has developed several tablet products with the hopes of grabbing a significant market share. The question still remains: Will they be able to conquer the very competitive tablet industry?

ASUS Tablet

Asus is known for being at the forefront of developing new technology for motherboards. Aside from this, Asus has gained a good reputation for its durable line of laptops through the years. Other Asus products that are available in the market include: desktops, computer accessories, and graphic cards. It first entered the tablet industry with the release of the Transformer Prime.


Through the years, every tablet that enters the market has always been benchmarked against the Apple’s iPad. The question has always been: Is it better than the iPad. And up to now, no other tablet has been a serious threat to the iPad’s supremacy in the tablet industry. Let’s see how the Asus Transformer Prime fares against the Apple’s New iPad.

Design and Size

Both tablets are almost even in terms of the elegance of the design and durability of the metallic casings. However, in terms of size, theTransformer Prime is larger but lighter and thinner compared to the new iPad. The Transformer Prime comes in 3 colors namely, royal blue, torch red, and ice berg white. On the other hand, the new iPad comes in 2 colors – black and white.


In this aspect, Transformer Prime’s 8 megapixel camera easily wins against the new iPad, which is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera. Both tablets have F2.4 aperture lens, sensor with backside illumination, and 1080p video recording. The new iPad pales, however, pales in comparison with the Transformer Prime’s front camera which features a 1.3 megapixel snapper compared to the VGA of the new iPad.


The new iPad boasts of being “resolutionary” to the point that every single little detail can be viewed with clarity. The Transformer Prime does not boast of a similar technology, but the quality of its display is not that far behind either.


In this very important aspect, the Transformer Prime easily beats the new iPad. It comes with a multi-touch pad and a QWERTY keyboard that can be easily attached and detached from the tablet. In addition to these, it also features a micro SD card slot and USB port, which makes the tablet’s capacity for memory unlimited. The new iPad is not equipped with these.

Operating System

When Microsoft unveils the Windows 8 this October, the Asus Transformer Primer will be running under the new Windows 8 and the latest Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. The Apple’s new iPad works with the iOS 5.1.

Both tablets are almost equal in terms of battery life and internet connectivity.

In the end, the Asus Transformer Prime and Apple’s new iPad, along with other tablets, offer different things and cater to different users. It is ultimately, up to you to decide on which to purchase. Enjoy your tablet!

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