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AT&T Mobile Subscribers Upgrade Now Before Sunday: Upgrade Fee Doubles To $36

Who doesn’t want to have a new mobile phone or handset? If you are an AT&T mobile subscriber and plans to upgrade your old handset or mobile phone, then this is the right time because AT&T will be increasing their upgrade fee on Sunday 12th of February 2012.  The increase will be doubled from the old upgrade fee of $18 to AT&T’s new fee which is $36 – now that’s going to hurt most of their subscribers. This is a 100% increase of upgrade fee and we all know with the economic crisis we’re all facing now globally, who wants to pay more for a certain service when you are already enjoying it as is?

AT&T Store To Increase Upgrade Fee

The reason of the price hike or upgrade according to the circulating letters from AT&T to all its subscribers who received it earlier this week is simply because of the increase of all the associated overall cost when upgrading a device.  It was never stated in the letter what are those “associated overall costs” which led the company to not only increase but doubled the upgrade fee.  They only iterated there that it is needed for them to change the said fee from $18 to $36 to cover those costs.

I am not here to justify AT&T’s move but one of the possible reasons why the upgrade fee increased is because of the company’s need to sustain and maintain (and even upgrade) their facilities to ensure that all of their subscribers enjoys the services they have to offer. We all know that everything in this world, where money is involved, are increasing and even the third-party services AT&T is acquiring are possibly also increasing. These “costs” from which the company is telling us is pushing them to do the same thing.  The only unfortunate thing is that AT&T would have to pass these burdens to their end-users by adding and increasing the upgrade fees.

But how about Verizon and Sprint? These are the other two known mobile companies which are considered the rivals of AT&T.  Well, Sprint already did it back in September where they increased their upgrade fee to $36 while suprisingly Verizon is still where they stand now and not announcing any plans to increase their fees, not yet.

What will happen in the next coming weeks with this move (upgrade fee increased) from AT&T? Do you think their “loyal” customers would still support and accept this change?  Or AT&T will eventually kill the price hike and revert it to the original plan?

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