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Audials One 2017 Review: One Stop Solution to all your Music and Videos

How many times has it happened with you that you want to record the tune that you are listening to or record your favourite comedy scene from your favourite movie or TV series? Well, it looks like that you will never have such an issue ever again once you start using Audials One. Audials One is a one stop solution to all your recording problems for audio as well as video. To be precise, one can literally state that Audials One can record every video and audio ever created.


With Audials One 2017, you can easily record streaming songs, videos from your favourite audio and video streaming websites. Just imagine, you are watching your favourite TV series and you want to capture any specific moment. In normal situations you would have to use a video cuter to do the same but with Audials One on your system, the recording will be done seamlessly. Let us take a look at the exquisite features that Audials One provides.

  1. Recording a track automatically:

    This is a great feature that comes with the software. All you have to do is enter the name of the song, name of the artist and genre and save it. Once the song is played on any radio station, it will automatically record the song for you. Thus, you will have the liberty to listen to your favourite song any time with even having to download it.
  2. Automatic Searching of Radio Stations:
    Audials One comes with the capability to search Radio stations automatically.
    Let us consider a situation where in you want to listen to the Song ‘Hello’ by Adele. All you need to do is enter the name of the song and the artist and the software will search all the radio stations. The stations that are playing the song or are about to play the song will feature on your results. The software makes searches by acquiring the playlists of more than 70000 plus radio stations and believe me that is a whole lot of radio stations for you.
  3. Capture a Video while streaming:
    Audials One is also capable of recording video directly from streaming websites. Just imagine that all your favourite TV series and movies are automatically recorded, so that you can watch it in your free time.
    The great thing about this feature is that there is literally no loss in quality while recording the video. Once the recording is done, it will also save it for you in your desired format.
  4. Convert Music and Videos:

    One of the major problems that we face while playing different formats of videos and music is with the players. Not all players support all formats. Audials One also converts music and videos in your wanted formats such that you can watch it anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Well, for me all these features make it a certain one for me to have. In addition the price that you need to pay for the software is also nominal at $49.90, considering the exquisite features that it provides.

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