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Avoid Losing SQL Server Database using free SQL backup and restore utility

Ever think of automating the process of taking SQL server database backup?? Well, the dream has come true as we are having great backup utility that lets you backup SQL server database either automatically or on scheduled basis as well as regularly track its performance. Moreover, you’re allowed to restore everything back to normal in the event of database corruption or damages using smart phone or tablets.

SQLBak is a free utility from Pranas, available to address all your SQL server database backup needs and ensure its longer availability so you could better track your business progress. Doesn’t matter if you are running large database or having multiple instances of running database in your organization, this utility is all you need.


Getting Started

SQLBak offers tiny setup program to be installed on the computer machine having running of SQL server database. Also, you’ll need to sign up at SQLBak official website to get your very own and personalized dashboard. Later, secret key will be offered to establish connection between the SQL server database machine and your online SQLBak account.

SQLBak enables user the capability to link your existing cloud hosting account (don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can always sign up for a fresh account). Remember, this is needed to store everything on cloud which have least chances of getting your database lost as well as provide opportunity to restore recent database copy if the running database become damaged or corrupted.


SQLBak exactly understands their client/user needs and based on that, offers flexible interface and Do-It-Yourself wizard which is self explanatory and make user easily understand what they need to do next.

connected sqlbak

Same goes with your SQLBak online dashboard where every option is tagged with their functions. Various parameters such as emails, date and time, configuring machine etc. requires not more than 2 minutes and requires minimal amount of efforts.


Download the small setup program from manufacturer website and install it on your PC. Next step is to sign up at SQLBak website to get your secret key and online dashboard where you can maintain everything.

secret key - sqlbak

Enter the generated secret key into desktop application when asked and click ‘OK’ to proceed.

Activatio progress

If everything goes well, successful confirmation dialog appears that database is connected your online SQLBak account and ready to start taking SQL server database backup.

After that, click on ‘Add new job’ button from the top right corner at your online dashboard account. Choose your running SQL server name from the drop down list and select authentication medium such as Windows authentication or Use SQL Server Authentication.


Once you are done, click on Test to check and make sure that everything is correct. Connection successful dialog box will appears and ask to proceed with configuring various other parameters.

Enter various parameters such as email to get alerts about the current status of running SQL server database. You’ll also need to choose your preferred cloud hosting account. You can choose cloud hosting account such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 or. Alternatively, you can also choose to backup everything on local storage device such as internal or external hard drive.

Most importantly, you can schedule any preferred date and time to automatically backup everything.

The Verdict

SQLBak offers high end performance and power packed features that you would hardly find anywhere else. It lets you remotely store everything without sitting on the SQL machine. Instead, just log into your online SQLBak account using the portable device and restore a recent copy of SQL server which is running smoothly. Finally, you can avail all these premium features for free and backup up to 2 database for free. After that, minimum investment is needed to upgrade to premium account.

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