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Benefits of getting an Android phone

The role of mobile phones have gone beyond the simple call taking or sending messages. Nowadays it is so much more. With web browsing becoming a common feature of most cell phone devices, even the businesses have designed ways to find prospects using mobile web compatibilities.  Smartphones have really opened up a whole new world for the cell phone users. Today one can virtually reach the stars using these state-of-the-art instruments. Android phones are basically portable computers which can be utilized in a wide variety of methods.

Chatting, playing games, watching TV, video and movies, listening to music, everything can be done using these devices. Browsing on the web and sharing information, images and video, besides keeping up with friends and colleagues via the social media sites are only some of the things one can do. Tablet devices or the android phones are extremely popular with the youngsters who want to stay connected to everything which is happening around them. In the recent years with so many brand names making forays in the world of android PC, their prices have decreased to a degree. As a result affording them today may not be that difficult as it was some years back.

Here are some of the benefits of getting an Android phone.

Higher customization options

The Android phone works more or less like a hand held computer. As a result users can personalize various aspects of the phone so as to leave a stamp of their possession. Just like in a full-fledged computer one can change the wallpaper settings and add icons or delete them according to the need. Also manipulate settings or use widgets to the heart’s content. There are numerous options for customization and various features can be chosen based on personal preferences. Depending on who is using it at the moment, the layouts may differ on the various android devices.

Innumerable applications at the fingertips

No other phone offers such an exhaustive range of application download options when compared to the android device. One can make selections from thousands of either paid or free options. Also newer applications are being launched each and every day in order to enrich the user experience. Downloads and installations can be chosen for practically every kind category which one may be interested in.

The benefits of the android applications is that the users can now get access to a variety of information and entertainment options including news, weather forecast, movies, games, music and videos.

Hardware and software advantages

Use of SD cards in the android devices allow for memory and storage extensions which add to their information retaining capabilities. Presence of physical keyboards in some android phones adds to the user experience and makes it much easier to use compared to before. As far as the software features go, these show excellent integration capabilities with various Google applications. Also, one can run a number of applications simultaneously on this phone which is not possible anywhere else. The powerful and inexpensive platform offered by the android devices makes it a really worthwhile investment in all respects.

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