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Best Backup Software For Office Use

If you are on the lookout for a free backup solution, then you should know that such solution does exist. We have with us today on show, EaseUs Todo Backup Free 8.3 which also happens to be the world’s most popular backup program with more than 6 million home users worldwide.

It offers a free backup and recovery solution to cater for all your backup, disk clone and disaster recovery so you don’t need to install too many applications in your computer. This one application can cater for everything. With its one-click solution, it can automate the entire files and system backup for you.

backup software for office use

The latest version is better than ever especially with its multilingual translation upgrade that can cater for different audience. It now comes with a super-long file path backup optimization which is extremely crucial for your naming convention. One of the supports that it has, is in its favorable Microsoft Exchange backup under different conditions. Now with the latest Windows 10 starting to make its appearance, this free backup solution can also support the latest operating system from Microsoft.

Highly recommended by the software experts, it has a rather comprehensive backup program to begin with. We normally have some reservation for free solution, whether it will be a reliable or an extensive version as compared to the paid version. But trust me, you won’t feel disappointed at all by this free backup solution as it holds nothing back.

The backup program comprises of different features and functions where we have System Backup that can back up the entire system which includes all of your applications, configurations and Operating System in a single compressed file.

Next we have Disk Imaging which is actually a block-level disk imaging that allows for a quick and efficient way to back up an entire disk or volume.

This free backup solution also offers File Backup where you can now select specific files, folders or file types. This would save precious time and space on your backup drive.

The other thing that it can help you with is through its Migration and Clone feature. If you just bought a bigger hard disk drive or a faster solid state drive, then this comprehensive backup software can easily and quickly migrate your existing system to the new drive in just a short time. You will hit the ground running in a matter of hours and not days anymore.

EaseUs Todo Backup Freeis punching way above its weight as it offers many features and functions like a paid version. We don’t normally see a free backup solution being able to have all that. With its comprehensive and easy-to-use backup software, there’s no wonder it is also the world’s most popular free backup solution out there in the market.

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