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Best Car Apps for Windows Phone

As the time is passing, the user base of smartphones is growing. It’s all happening due to increasing technology and competition, due to which, the price tags of the smartphones are following down curve, and hence many people are becoming able to afford them. Well, it is quite interesting that out of all mobile OSes, only iOS and Android are growing tremendously.


Windows Phone devices are still struggling to catch the attention of customers. Due to continuous efforts of Microsoft, the Windows Phone devices are following the up curve. Many developers are working hard to develop apps for Windows Phone. The Windows Phone app store has got many apps, which contain some apps helpful for car owners. If you are proud owner of car, then you must install the best car apps on your Windows Phone device. Here is the list of such apps.

This app is recommended for all those out of you who are planning to buy new car. Since many cars are available in the market, therefore selecting right one for you is not any easy task. You can ease the task of finding a new car by using this amazing app. This app lets you check the videos, photos of any car. You can read out the reviews of experts for any car. All these things can help you choose the right car. Once you have made your mind for any particular car. you can use this app to find the nearest showroom to buy the selected car.


Car’s maintenance is must for its long life. You can use this app to keep record of all repairs. You can save all the due repair activities and can set a reminder for them. The best part about this app is that you can use it to know about the cost of almost 100 types of repairs. So you can be sure that repairer is not trying to pull more money out of your pocket than the repair deserves.

If you are looking to buy used car, then nothing is better than for you. This simple to use app lets you search for used cars from a huge database. You can search by model, mileage, year, features etc. You can know about the price tag and dealer of your selected car, from this app itself.


In case of accident, going unconscious is something common to happen. This is where iWrecked comes into play. It records the time and place of accident along with driver’s insurance information. You can then take the pictures of accident scene by using your Android’s camera.

Gas Buddy

Use this app to know about the nearest gas station. You can easily find out the closest gas station to get the gas for your car. This app also shows the price of gas, so that you can save your money by getting gas from station that offers it at lowest price.

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