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Some Best Cricket Apps for iOS

If you are cricket lover then you might like getting updated by the latest scores each minute. When you are travelling you can’t watch TV to get updated with the live scorecard however you can use your iOS smartphones to get updated with the latest scores. There are a lot of apps which are available in the App store for iPhones and iPads but only a few of them are best. Today in this post we are going to share some of the best Cricket apps which will help you to get scores and enjoy cricket on iOS. Check out iOS 9 updates as well.

Stick Cricket

The first app which is the most popular one in the category of cricket is Stick Cricket. This app will not bring you the latest scores, all the info about the matches and player on your smartphones but using this app you can play cricket on your smartphones. All the teams which are available will be there in this app and you can select your country yourself. If you achieve you get the highest scores amongst your friends share it on Facebook and Twitter. This app is available for free at App Store but there are many in-app purchases which you can buy for $2.99.

Download Link: – Stick Cricket


This app is the best app for getting live scores, news related to the matches that are going on. This app is not only the best app for iOS smartphones but it is also one of the best Android apps for cricket scores. All the information about players, their photographs are present in this app. This app comes with push notifications which will notify you of falling of each wicket, a four and six. Use the Lean back mode which is one best feature of this app as using this feature just place your iPhone on the table and get updated with the live scores and the happenings of the match.

Download Link: – ESPNcricinfo

Cricket World Cup Fever Deluxe

Cricket World Cup Fever is another cricket player game for iOS smartphones. This game comes with HD graphics and amazing gameplay. There are more than 14 teams available to choose from. Choose from 6 stadiums and there are more than 3 gaming modes in this game. Compete against other teams and win matches and share your winnings on Facebook and Twitter. This game is available for $2.99 at App store.

Download Link: – Cricket World cup Fever Deluxe


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