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The Best Free iPhone Apps For Unit Conversions

The iPhone is truly a revolutionary piece of technology that provides loads of functions aside from the usual making calls and sending texts. The iPhone provides an enormous number of games, which is enough information if you are a religious gamer looking to buy a good phone. The iPhone has never fallen short in anything.

XE Currency for iPhone

With each new version one thinks, they just cannot get any better than this, but they pleasantly surprise each time, reinventing their technology and providing new and exciting things, thereby never ceasing to surprise and please its customers. This genius piece of technology is on everyone’s to-buy list and everyone wants on in their hands so that they can perform every function required just with the touchscreen on their palm.

The iPhone also provides great conversion applications for its customers along with its amazing games and other applications. These conversion applications allow the users to convert temperatures, currency, size, area, distance, energy, density, speed, power, pressure, mass, length, volume and many conversions. There are many apps that are available for the iPhone that perform these functions and more.

Convert Units for Free

One of these apps provided for free with the iPhone is the Convert Units for Free app. This application does not just do measurement conversions but it also does a several number of other conversions as well. It gives correct information and can be used by anyone. The app has hundreds of unit conversions, a copy and paste functionality and has various conversion categories such as angles, areas, data, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time and volume.

XE Currency

Another application converter that the iPhone provides is the XE Currency app. This app features live currency rates and charts, enabling the user to convert currency accurately. This app has been featured BBC, the LA Times, CNN and the Travel Channel, that’s how good it is. It has also received over five million downloads. It provides live rates that refresh every minute, to provide accurate conversions, enables the calculation of prices with the currency converter. This app can also be used when a user is offline using the last updated rates.

Converter Plus

Another one of these apps is the Converter Plus. This app has a very extensive and long list of currencies and hundreds of categories of units. This extensive list includes area, weight, force, length, mass, power, energy, temperature, volume, speed, pressure, bits, bytes and a lot more. And the best part is that it is free.

Ad-Free Unit Converter

This app saves the user bandwidth, battery life and unnecessary annoyance that come from the nuisance of ads applications. Although it does not contain as many units like horsepower, watts, etc., it is great anyways; especially if you are not able to charge you phone that frequently. Its units include area, density, distance, energy, force, acceleration and many other units that could come in handy at any time.

iPhone CurrencyConverter

Yet another converter that the iPhone provides for its customers is the iPhone CurrencyConverter with Exchange Rates. Up-to-date exchange rates are available and automatically updated. It provides regularly updated exchange rates for one hundred and sixty countries. It also has a calculator that is easy to use makes WorldMate the best iPhone Currency converter app.

These applications provide the quality of paid apps for free. These apps are perfect for students taking mathematics, chemistry, physics and any other subject that requires calculations. They are also perfect for office workers. These apps can be used by anyone; anywhere as long as you have an iPhone, there is no unit that you cannot convert.

Having an iPhone is definitely a style statement. But being able to use the iPhone in the best possible way is the better style statement to make. Therefore, explore your iPhone so much so that, you do not have to depend on any other device to deal with your personal or professional requirements. For instance using a perfect unit conversion application on your iPhone will help your calculation ten-folds and save time for other things. The unit conversion apps on your iPhone are like your assistants waiting to answer your orders.

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