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In these days of new technology everyone wants to be updated and I want everyone to updated their computer by latest music players, there are hundreds of music lovers in this world and I want them to have the best free music players even I am also a music lover and I also like to have the best music players available in web.


This is the best music player in my view because it is having a tons of features , I have seen many times that many music players shows an error while we open a good quality video but this VLC MEDIA PLAYVER will never show this type of error because it is a very nice MEDIA PLAYER and it is also having the highest ratings on web. The best part I like of this music payer is it is having lots of skins and you can also change the themes and if you are not satisfied with the inbuilt themes then you can download the themes from web and apply then very easily.


This is the best MEDIA PLAYER for songs only because it is having all the nice features of phone.
let me tell about its features it is having option of Start, Audio, Now playing, Podcasts, Playlists, Drivers, Devices, services, plugins  & download and there are lots of out-built features like you can burn disc, rip disc, sync handheld, build playlist and you can also tag songs. So, I would definitely suggest you to download this MEDIA PLAYER for listening songs.

Windows Music Player


This is also a very nice  software and it is also having many good features but the main problem is that it is only available in a trial version so you can only use it for 30 days but I will tell you a trick by which you can easily you it for 1 year, the trick it that while installing this player you just have to change the date (CHANGE THE DATE BEFORE INSTALLING) and after installation you can re change your date to correct ( CHANGE THE DATE TO ONE YEAR BACK ). Now let me tell you about its features Audio, video, most played, recently played, never played, top ratings and it is also having many online features that you will know after downloading and installing this software. So install it and have some fun with your freaky music and movies.

This article is contributed by Aadith Sasi, a music lover who loves to listen Music with light guitar tunings.He part time works for Gibson guitar.He is learning Guitar and will be on stage for his first concert.


  1. If you ask me, then my vote is for both VLC and Winamp media players. Both are capable enough to impress any music lover by letting him to play almost all the formats he can think of. Thank you Pulkit for suggesting Media Jukebox. Would love to give it a try.


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