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Best Internet Hosting Provider Details

Hostgator is Well known company all over the world for WordPress hosting. Hostgator is no 1 choice for the internet marketers when it comes to hosting a website. There are many hosting company all over the world providing WordPress platform.

Black Friday will be celebrated on 28th November this year. As always, there will be lot of sales and deals offered by companies on this day, and you can save lot of money on hostgator too.


However, Hostgator is one of the top quality WordPress hosting company in 2014. Early days of my internet marketing life I use to search for genuine hostgator review online, but I feel like that words are spoken by company members to increase sales or some other purpose.

There was no genuine review over any hosting companies or Hostgator over internet. I got read some reviews while buying hosting which were not genuine enough. After coming across different hosting companies, I could differentiate that Hostgator is one of the best and trustable company in this industry.

Review of Hostgator

This word ‘trust’ has lots of meaning behind giving this company this valuable name. Hostgator has proved over and again to world that they are best.

Security: If you speak about security in past many years they have successfully kept all the sites very secure. If anyone have lost their sites its due to use of wrong plugin or wrong theme which contain malicious codes in it.

Due to which hackers can find a black hole to enter your website and destroy everything which you have. However, servers point of view everything is 100% best at the highest quality.

If you are aware, there was one big mess up withdreamhost hosting server few years back where they lost all the data of all the client’s resulting in a big failure.

With hostgator sever you need not worry anything about that, the experts are always 24*7 online watching out carefully over their security due to which you won’t face any problem. Few month back one of my site was attacked DDOS, I contacted hostgator support team where I found one fault with the scripts of my plugin.

I could not do anything as I amnot specialist on Coding and hacking stuff. I contacted the support team and told them about my problem. Instantly they took some action they logged in to my WordPress site and removed the code which was making the trouble and made my site secure.

This was the time I was happy choosing hostgator for hosting my site. I am sure you would not love to wait till your website is fully hacked by the hacker. Therefore, you can never take a chance with your hardworks. This were few valid reasons why I always prefer Hostgator server for hosting my site.


Are you willing to know more About the features that hostgator provides.

If you just want to know about the features their official site is enough to know that, but I will give you small highlight on features which are extremely appreciable.

  1. You can handle high traffic ( unlimited Bandwidth & unlimited Space)
  2. Support 24*7 ( Don’t trust my word?? Call at 1 am they will answer your call)
  3. Advertising credits ( Just 100$!! Isn’t it enough ?? I can multiply it to 1000$ by advertising)
  4. Unlimited Domain Hosting ( You are not satisfied with one website?? Make as much as you can)
  5. Price: (As cheap as any other hosting can give)

This are few extra ordinary features that you cannot expect from any other hosting service.


If you have any experience with Hostgator please let us know via comments.

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