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Best Place To Find Top Colleges- CollegeDunia

It is not an easy job to find a good college these days. With ever increasing cut offs and fees students are worried for their future. They want to find the best institutes for themselves. But how? How do they get to know the information about various colleges all over India which suites their pocket as well offer the course they want to pursue? But there is a solution. CollegeDunia– it is website that has all the important information about various colleges in India as well abroad. It empowers the students with quality information about various institutes.


The user interface is quite easy to understand and comprehend. When one accesses the website, they can easily see different categories of courses like science, arts, commerce, engineering, management, law and other options as well. Students can easily select the required category and search further. Further filters are available to refine one’s search results. It has information of about 20,000 colleges in India and abroad and approximately 6,000 courses. On the bottom of the homepage one can see news regarding the premium colleges and even look top news and information about education sector in the education forum. provides all the information and major tabs on the homepage itself.

Students looking forward to management as their area of masters, collegedunia is an answer to your confusions. Students want to pursue their masters degree from the best MBA colleges in India. But due to lack of information at a single portal they keep juggling between various online portals and tend to miss dates to apply to the best management colleges in India.One can easily click management on the top panel of collegedunia. It provides all the information about all the management colleges in India. They are segregated on the basis of their ratings. On the left hand side of the page, one can find various filters to refine their search results accordingly. The top three management colleges in India are IIM-A, IIM-B and IIM-C. People looking for admission into any of these institutes can go to their individual sites like for IIM-C students can go to

But if one wants to find all the quality information at a single place, collegedunia is there for you! Apart from eligibility, application deadlines, fee structure etc one can find information regarding prestigious festivals organized by the respective colleges, alumni achievements, details of various research projects done by the university faculty or students, faculty details, scholarship details, position in various surveys by national newspapers and websites and various other facilities offered by the colleges. It provides the students various information and updates from colleges and give an opportunity to connect with them as well. While one is scanning a particular institute a comparison with other institutes in the same field is automatically provided by the website.

Collegedunia actually merges all the information about various colleges towards a single route and makes sure it reaches the right person on right time. So one should not wait any further and make use of this online portal.

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