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Best VPN Service to Browse Your Internet Safely

Hey Guys, We are back with another post, here we will mention about UK VPN Services. Well, Let’s first of all Introduce you about VPN Services, VPN is a Virtual Private Network which is simply a technique of securing the communication between the Restricted Websites and the Remote Areas. As Suppose if any particular website is operating from different locations and having a lot of workers there so in this case those workers would use VPN Tunnel to get access to their company’s website and so by this way they can get access to their content. Now with this you can too access those sites who are blocked in your areas or anywhere.

Now The Next thing is let suppose if you are not able to open facebook or twitter like social networking sites in your school, college or Office then by this VPN you can freely open those sites and enjoy!

Here is the best VPN Service that you must know which are based on UK:

Hidemyass VPN

Here goes the Review on Hidemyass which is a UK VPN Service which helps users to get access of those blocked or restricted websites easily. This VPN service is given a Rating of 9.5/10, and so there is lot more to tell my readers about this service. This HideMyAss is one of the powerful and so powerful UK VPN Service Provider in the Technology Industry. Hidemyass supports some of the cool protocols including OpenVPN which supports all the Operating Systems and Smartphone Devices like iPhone, Mac, Windows and much more. With its immense great features and support, users get their troubleshoot even better and get no difficulty anywhere. Hidemyass also includes those payment gateway facility with which you can easily pay easily to any part of this world with easy payment gateway.

So now when you are using this Hidemyass, you just don’t worry about its connection or speed related queries, as there won’t be any problem out there. Also, Now Hidemyass offers lot more IP’s in this Technology Industry and is one of those few VPN Providers who share Dynamic IP’s. It Particularly having its servers in more than 29 countries with that it is one of the coolest program to use this VPN, as they are been named as the bestest product in this tech world. This software is very much easy to use and would provides you with so many things that you won’t admire. This Software is of just and just $11.52 which is so cheap in front of its great services that we don’t wanna lose.

Now Let’s us Discuss about the Limitations it have so that you would probably know to purchase it or not.

Well, as the name suggests, HideMyAss 😛 its such a bad name haha leave it going further now, This software does not offer dedicated IP’s to its users as there is a limit in a user IP types. Also there support offers only to those who knows English and not more. Well, it just offers the software package only one quantity, as you can’t use it again that’s the main limitation it offers.

In the End:

Now just in short I wanna conclude this article by having my valuable views of its Reliability and efficiency. This software is best in its Tech Industry as I mentioned above, as many users suggest themselves this product as for its quality and customer support. So Go have it!

This is a Guest Post written by Ben Parker who works for sell iPad. Apart from this website he loves writing about Android and iPhone related stuff


  1. HideMyAss is my personal favorite VPN, Unfortunately it isn’t working for me anymore, it gives a Server Configuration Error

  2. Thanks for taking time to discuss this. VPN is a must for the web professional who goes online while out of the office. I use StrongVpn. You can also check my review.


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