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Beyond The Entrance Area – Where Digital Signs Are Used

Digital signs were originally associated with the lobby or reception area, and to some degree they still are. However, they are now being used throughout buildings in many different rooms for numerous different purposes. They are used for all sorts of things, from delivering important safety information and wayfinding to education, advertising and presentations.

Many businesses are choosing to invest in digital signs not just in their reception area, but around entire buildings. Digital signs look professional and high tech, and can be used to convey key information to visitors and staff.

Visitors are still greeted by an initial digital sign in the entrance area of a building, and often this sign will direct them where to go or provide useful information. Digital signs can be placed anywhere as long as they can be seen and digested easily. Below you will find some examples of the different rooms where digital signs can be utilised.


Rooms where digital signs are used:

Meeting rooms

meeting rooms

Digital signs can be extremely useful for meetings. They can be placed in meeting rooms so that staff can go through key information and present to clients when necessary. Digital signs look far more professional that simply bringing a laptop and using it to deliver a powerpoint presentation. Many businesses have digital signs in all their meeting rooms. According to a post by Sixteen Nine, They can also be placed outside of meeting rooms to show important information about the meeting or show if a room is available for use.

Conference rooms

Digital signs are also used in conferences to advertise products, help direct people and to display keep information about a conference. Conferences can get extremely busy, and digital signs can be used to make products stand out and catch people’s attention.

Consultation rooms

You will also find digital signs in consultation rooms in medical buildings and places where people receive treatment. Thomas Fraser-Bacon from Allsee Technologies said “They can help to deliver key information to patients and are also useful for staff who can update medical information at the touch of a button”

Multi room for internal communication

Digital signs are often used in lots of different rooms within one building for internal communication purposes. They are all connected and designed to display information to keep staff informed and make them aware of company policies etc.


Offices can use digital signs to make announcements and also deliver presentations. They are a key asset for any forward thinking office and can look impressive to visitors and guests. Digital signs can also enhance the branding within your office, by showcasing brand images in different rooms. Some offices also use digital signs to display live social media feeds and updates.

Chill out and waiting rooms

Some buildings will have digital signs in chill out rooms to keep people entertained while they are on a break or waiting around. For example, they might display news or have an interactive aspect to keep people occupied.


Another key sector where digital signs are particularly useful is education, and one of the rooms they are used the most is in the classroom. Students can benefit hugely from information being displayed in a visually interesting way.


  1. Thanks for your post about wayfinding signs. Your right that these signs are important in many areas. Stores, businesses, classrooms, government buildings, conference rooms, etc., all use wayfinding signs. This can be a great way to improve your customer’s experience with your business. Thanks for the article.


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