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Blogging makes a better learning for students

Blogging could be simply defined as to write and share what one wants to state.” The natural element that adds essence of being a student is Learning. Students are inquisitive to learn about various aspects of life. A school could not be the only place where the students can obtain knowledge of everything they want. Their views may not be acknowledged in the environment they survive. The one solution which can definitely make a change in the learning process of the student is “blogging“.


Here are the reasons why blogging makes a better learning.


             There is always a purpose in sharing a thought. When the information is stated verbally, its importance could be easily understood. But there is a diffeence in stating the information in a written format. There are chaces for it to be ignored. Besides the drawback, blogging offfers the assurance for every article on this platform to be given much importance by helping the writers to make their articles reach the readers of their niche.

             The articles on any sort of topic portrays the interest of the student in learning it. He searches for more details on the topic and finds a method to present it to the readers. He makes it possible for the readers to understand the gist of the article clearly. He article represents his emotions, interest and ability in writing.


             At school, the students may not be appreciated for their ideas. This might lead to the sitution where the student might lose the interest to develop the skills of learning and writing then after. But blogging increases motivation for reading and writing. It is a platform of open critisism and reflection.

            The fellow bloggers and readers share their views on the articles with their comments. They would share the actual fact on what they have understood from the article. This paves way for the student to learn more on what he has written. Also improve the literacy on deifferent mediums.


           The blogs hold the history of all the articles posted by the student. From the very first article he had written upto the article he has written till date. He can read through the articles he had posted earlier to review the process of his thoughts. To know how far he has developed his learning capability.

           There will definitely  be an improvement in the progress because learning will always make a change. He can switch on to the older topics for reference. There are could be viewers for the olders posts too. Reviewing the thoughts improves learning at every step.


          The parents may not be focused on the student’s school works everytime. Indeed the parent’s partnership with the teachers is necessary for the student. Apart form the normal methods of involvement, blogging would be helpful for the parents to identify the intersests of the students more specifically from the topics they choose. They can understand the urge of the student to learn something.

          The parents can help the student more on the fields they are intersted. Every parent should certainly encourage blogging.


          Every field has its own mannerism of survival. The internet has its several basic etquittes that makes it a better environment. The internet build several societies of unique niches. It is necessary to follow certain equittes to become a good blogger in the blogosphere of internet. The student like the others on this sphere has to follow the rules quoted for the blogger.


        The blog is the online portfolio of every blogger. It could state more about the student even without having a look at the resume. It makes a student appear unique from the rest of all the other students.

        There are students who keep the blog’s address at the top of the contact portion in the resume. The intervier can know much more about the student online more than from the resume.


        Blogging might pave ways for the student to earn sooner than the chances that a degree certificate could provide. The students can earn by writing for sponsored posts by organizations. In blogging, learning and earning go hand in hand. Besides earning through blogging could also affect the joy of doing something the student enjoys.

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