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Software Upgrade For Nokia Lumia 800 To Boost Battery Life

I am now bringing some good news for all Nokia Lumia 800 users. There will be a new software update for your handsets that aims to improve the battery life of your Windows Phone.  If there’s one common issue nowadays with the latest smartphones whether it is from Apple iOS, Android, and other players in the same industry – it is always the battery issue. The problem points to the poor power management that leads your battery life to drain so fast and your smartphone couldn’t last a whole day especially when everything is turned on (i.e. Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, applications, and many more). With our busy lifestyle and the need for easy access to almost all of the services we tend to go for the most complicated yet advanced smartphone but any system has its own flaws and one of these is power management.

Nokia Lumia 800

It was almost half a year when I first featured the Nokia Lumia 800 – the first real Windows Phone after the recent release of Nokia N9 Meego. Well, going back to the gist of this article – the Nokia Lumia 800 software udpate. First of all I want to give credits to Nokia’s development team for putting so much effort to provide a better system for their consumers. The update is suppose to be scheduled on the 18th of April but the team managed to push it earlier the scheduled release date.  The Nokia Lumia 800 software update version is 1600.2487.8107.12070. This update mainly aims to improve your handset’s power management to take good care of your battery life.

The update, as I’ve mentioned was pushed earlier before its schedule but it does not mean that the Nokia software update is already available in your region. According to Nokia, they have a 4 week plan to queue this software update globally starting last March 28 for the first batch. Subsequent software updates will be scheduled on April 4, 11, and 18. You can check the software update availability status in your country through Nokia Lumia 800 Software Update Availability site. Here’s an example of the Nokia Lumia 800 Software update in the United States.

Nokia Lumia 800 Software Update

To update your Nokia Lumia 800 software (assuming that the software is now available in your country), you have to get your Nokia Lumia 800 cable and hook it up to your PC or Mac and download the software from Zune. Just go through the process until you finish it. However, for any updates that you will undertake it is recommended for you to backup everything first – a precautionary step.  Below is the steps on how to update Nokia Lumia 800 software from a PC.

[Source: Nokia Conversations]

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