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Breathe Life into Your Establishment through Games

Too many restaurant and bar owners forget the fact that when people come to their establishments, they’re looking forward to the social aspect nearly as much as they are the food or drinks. Going out means leaving the cares of home behind, and people look forward to being able to let their inhibitions down a little in the name of fun.

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Yet what if you’re not prepared to offer them that type of experience? You may think that you’re only there to offer them good food or a stiff drink, but from their point-of-view, you’re also there to entertain. Yet offering your customers entertainment doesn’t require that you clear out room for stage or dance floor. There a number of simple, inexpensive, and effective types of entertainment that you can offer your customers that are sure to get them fully immersed in the dining or drinking experience, which coincidentally also gets them in the mood to spend more money.

Video Games

You may think that your customers may laugh at the thought of playing a video game while they eat or drink. Yet as their visit progresses, people tend to feel more and more at home. What better way is there to feel at home than by playing games with your friends or a family?

An easy way to introduce video games into your establishment is by bringing in some classic arcade game consoles and pinball machines. Games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders are simple to play, encourage everyone to participate, and can give your establishment a cool, retro vibe.

For those whose crowds are a little bolder, consider the Buzztime Business gaming platform, which hosts games tournaments to trivia games.

You’ll be surprised just how involved people with a few drinks in them can get in game of virtual bowling or track-and-field. If you really want to see your crowd go wild, consider adding a dance game.

If you’re looking for an alternative to classic video games, consider buying an interactive DVD game that can be shown on your establishment’s TVs. A number of bar game ideasare out there that patrons can participate in from the comfort of their seats and stools.

Gaming Tables

Those hoping to encourage game play at their establishments can’t go wrong by investing in a gaming table. Rather than choosing a particular type of table, consider getting one that comes with multiple gaming surfaces, including:

  • Pool
  • Blackjack
  • Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Table shuffleboard
  • Foosball

If you’re intent on going with a single game table, why not a bumper pool table? It’s more challenging than traditional pool and can introduce a level of healthy competitiveness amongst your patrons.

Drinking Games

If you’re not looking to spend a fortune but still want to offer your customers games, try creating some laminated rules sheets for drinking games. These can be passed amongst patrons the bar, explaining the rules for such classic games as Chase the Ace or 21 Aces. Such games not only encourage interaction, but are also a subtle way for you to boost your drink sales.

Remembering the reason why your customers come to visit you should be just as important as remembering their favorite dishes and drinks. By providing them with an overall fun experience as opposed to just a quick meal or a drink, you generate a sense of loyalty within them that’s not easily forgotten. That loyalty will pay you back in the end with a healthier, more robust bottom line.

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